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The Samsung Galaxy Gear, was released in Australia only 5 days ago, with the new breed of wearable devices the focus of intense interest due to a history in pop-culture, Samsung has taken advantage of this history to unwrap their new marketing campaign based on the Smartwatch throughout TV and movie history.

From Dick Tracy to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers the design and function of Smart watches may vary in pop-culture and exactly how well the Galaxy Gear stands up to the promise shown in these titles, remains to be seen, at least until Samsung Australia can provide review units. Until we can get our hands-on with the device for an extended period, check out the videos below, with the second video showing the actual smartwatches being used in a variety of shows.

The promise of Smartwatches and indeed all wearables – mainly thanks to Google Glass – has certainly sparked the imagination of many people, and to varying degrees there are many happy with their Smartwatches but some are not. Of course with the Galaxy Gear, well and truly on-sale in Australia and the Pebble and other smartwatches arriving in hands across Australia, we’re also keen to hear what you think of your smartwatch.

Source: Samsung Mobile Youtube 1Samsung Mobile Youtube 2.
Via: TheVerge.
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Having used the Galaxy Gear for several days, I can say its a novelty, but a very fun and convenient novelty. It could be cheaper but I would rather a way to change the band. Its a little too small for a big bloke. Beyond that, I give it thumbs up.


Just get the sony watch, it’s $150 and will do what you want it to do. Unless you want a watch with a 1.9MP camera.


Better yet, the Sony smartwatch is far less restricted in what it will work with, so you’re not limited to a miniscule number of Samsung devices you can use a smartwatch with.


shame about the products

Sean Royce

Why? Their not bad by any means.


to clarify I was referring to the gear. I have a note 8 and find it the best tablet for my needs on the market ATM, (one I remove all traces of TW)

Sean Royce

Whatevs brah.