If you’re a HTC fan, then you may be quite interested in an update to the Sense version of Android that is coming soon to some HTC handsets. From the Android-Revolution site, mike1986 has posted screenshots as well as a quick rundown on what the screenshots represent.

First up is the controversial BlinkFeed homescreen widget, it’s a love it or hate it feature for most HTC phone owners and from the screenshots delivered, it appears that you will be able to either set BlinkFeed on/off or set it as your home screen. There are also more options to change your BlinkFeed categories and tailor them to yourself better as well as a custom topics tab and improvements to the alarm clock :

Next up are things like changes to the quick settings panel, according to the screenshots, you’ll be able to organise and re-arrange the quick settings panel so that your most accessed settings are where you want them. It’s a handy feature which has been integrated by other manufacturers and should go well on Sense.

If you use the default HTC keyboard, then you’ll be pleased to note that there are updates to the keyboard, although exactly what improvements are included are not actually listed. Although you will be able to add in more emoticons.

There have been updates to the Camera app, including a ‘Dual capture and Panorama+’ settings, which could be a HTC version of the dual capture mode that allows you to capture both front and rear facing cameras to create vignettes – like Samsung’s Dual Shot perhaps? Panorama+ could be the HTC version of Photosphere. There’s also an updated Recent Apps panel that will allow you to more easily multi-task.

BlinkFeed doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in Sense 5.5 and with the ability to get your Ausdroid news in BlinkFeed, why wouldn’t you use it? There’s no date for a release on Sense 5.5, but with a product launch coming up next week, perhaps we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

Source: Android-Revolution.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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    Sujay Vilash

    Nice. Hope it comes to MaximusHD very quickly.