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The new Android console from Mad Catz which was announced back in June is set to make an appearance in Australia with local supplier The Gamesmen listed as the exclusive official retailer of the Tegra 4 based Console in Australia.

Despite a price of US$250 overseas, the M.O.J.O is listed on their website for a price of $349.95 plus shipping, with shipping on the site seemingly a standard $6.90, at least with all the postcodes I tried(2600, 5000, 8000). Local release date is similar to the US with The Gamesmen advising on the order page that the Australian release date for the console is December this year.

If you’re interested in ordering the console from a local distributor with an Australian warranty then head over to The Gamesmen website and place an order. We’re trying to get our hands on a review unit to check out how this console handles.

Source: The Gamesmen.
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    Going to wait and see if a retail outlet such as eb games gets these in stock. The same thing happened when the neo geo x was announced, one Australian online retailer bumped up the price and sold them in Aus, six months later EB got the console in for close to two hundred dollars less.


    Not worth it for this price. Ouya are struggling to sell of their boxes for far less.

    Its nearly the same price as the shield and that has a battery and such as well.

    I really want a quality system just for a few emulators and xbmc. Guess ill just stick to my old pc box.


    Really $350 for this a Wii U/ Xbox 360 costs that much. while there are many great games on Android most of are design for touch and limited gameplay.

    Also your can get pick up a pretty powerful media sticks/boxes that plays games from China for about $100