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At Ausdroid we first started hearing about a lower end version of the Moto X called the Moto DVX, back in March, when we were advised that a lower end version of the Moto X would be coming to Australia rather than the launch device that was going to be released in the US, but the rumours surrounding specs are spreading fast.

The latest rumours are that the Motorola DVX looks pretty much like a Moto X with a slightly smaller (4.5 inch LCD vs the Moto X with a 4.7 inch) screen and larger bezel. It will perform similarly thanks to it’s near identical specs including the Snapdragon S4 Pro chip internally. There is even suggestion Dual-SIM capabilities, perhaps in the DVX or perhaps as a separate model. This could be quite the sale item for Motorola, especially here in Australia where Motorola have not launched a new phone in over a year.

Then we get to the price; suggestions are that the phone will cost around US$200 – US$250.

That’s high end specs in a device at mid – low end device pricing range which can only assist in increasing the footprint of Android as well as the brand recognition of Motorola as a genuine player in the Android space. Now we wait and hope that at least one of the major carriers in Australia adopt the device for their sub $50 per month commitment contracts.

Does a budget conscious device that has high end performance interest you, or are you hanging out for a specific phone thats perhaps just coming over the horizon?

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I’m not a gamer and hence not a spec junkie. As long as the DVX provides the appropriate responsiveness for day to day useability and the same level of functionality as the Moto X, I’d be interested.


Considering that Googlerola, from the outset, had no intention of releasing the real MotoX here, I don’t see why they should be rewarded with sales for deigning to permit us to get the shrunken, reduced functionality, DVX.


What do you expect though? Unless Motorola and Google build another factory for manufacturing custom Moto X phones here in Australia, it’s not financially viable for them to sell to such an insignificant market. We’re lucky to be getting something even close to the Moto X experience in Oz considering it’s still a relatively unproven device (in terms of sales).

If the Moto X really takes off in the US we might see it come to Australia for the second or third gen iteration.


I wasn’t talking about the customized final assembly stuff they do in the US for the MotoX. I was talking about the device itself. Googlerola had no intention at all of releasing the MotoX in Australia. Whilst it would be cool to have such a final customized assembly plant here in Australia, I agree that the reality is that it would be cost prohibitive. But Australia was not to be permitted to get the MotoX even in basic plain black. Also, why should we have to consider ourselves somehow ‘lucky’ in being permitted to get a cut down, shrunken, MotoX… Read more »


It’s sounding like basically the same device. The main difference appears to be a slightly less inspired chassis. Who cares about a 0.2 inch decrease in screen size?


the new Nexus 4??


Hmmmm interesting. Either this or the Nexus 5. Guess I’ll find out in the coming days/weeks! 😀

David Anderton

sounds good but if the Nexus 5 is only 100 bucks more I know what I’m buying!