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We previously reported on Kickstarter project “Pressy – the Almighty Android Button” when it hit US $500 000 in funding, from an original humble goal of US $40 000.  Pressy is currently sitting on US $623 000, and to sweeten the deal they have announced a stretch goal incorporating a new function if they hit the magic US $650 000, with only four days to go.

The function is unnamed at the moment, but they are calling it the “long-press-take-screenshot-draw-share-with-friends-be-happy”. We are sure that they will come up with a far more catchy title if the goal is reached. To be fair to Pressy, the developers have said,

To be honest we already started working on it, but everybody loves stretch goals 🙂

Pressy is a button that fits into the headphone jack of your phone, and when pressed in a number of combinations can initiate a task. For more information, see our previous article.

The new function that they want to incorporate is simple but very handy. A long press takes a screenshot, then you can highlight a passage or draw on the screen. Once you release the button sharing options appear. Tap on your preferred option, and off goes the message.


The button costs US $17 (plus US $5 for international shipping) for one Pressy and the app. An additional US $3 gets you a keychain/holder to keep it safe when you want to plug in your headphones. There are various other packages available on the Kickstarter site, including different colours. The buttons are anticipated to ship in March 2014.

Editors Note: Like all these projects, we are here to inform not advocate backing the project. That said a few of us have invested in Pressy to see how it goes.

Are you a Pressy backer? What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Android Police.
Via: Kickstarter.
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    All LG phones have quickmemo for screencapture drawing and sharing – some of the L series have a quickbutton built in which does the same thing as pressy by the looks of it.


    I came to post the exact same thing lol.