A flurry of excitement hit Australia the other day, when it appeared that Amazon had beaten Google to the international punch and opened up orders to international customers for one of the hottest items on Amazon right now – the Chromecast.

The glitch allowed international customers from Australia, the UK and other countries to place an order for the device which had been restricted to US shipping only. Amazon quickly fixed the issue and has begun sending out emails to customers who did actually purchase a Chromecast during the brief window that orders were being accepted.


We’re writing about #WITHELD for Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming
Media Player. We recently learned of an error that allowed this item
to be available to ship to international addresses. Unfortunately,
this item is not currently intended for use outside of the United
States. Outside of the United States, all of the functionality of this
item may not be available and the manufacturer’s warranty is void.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

You don’t need to take any action if you still want to receive the
item. If your order hasn’t shipped yet, you can cancel it by going
to Your Account and clicking the “Your Orders” button:

If your order has shipped and you would like to return the item,
you’ll find return instructions at the link below. We’ll refund you in
full, including the return shipping costs.

We hope to see you again soon.

Customer Service Department

Of course the main issue is the warranty, but setup for the device is extremely simple with the Google Chromecast setup page on the Google Support page. At sub-$50 with fairly quick shipping the Chromecast delivered through Amazon directly to Australia is exactly what is needed, although a finalised SDK which would allow developers to release Chromecast apps would be next on the list of highly needed things for the Chromecast.

Meanwhile the Chromecast has taken over from the Kindle as the hottest selling electrical item on Amazon. The flurry of international purchases should go along way to letting the Chromecast retain that title and if Google would allow international orders, it would remain there longer still. It’s a shame it’s a glitch and meanwhile it’s back to eBay or Shipping forwarders if you want to get your hands on the Chromecast

Thanks: Anon.
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Nick Bryant

Woohoo! Chromecast arrived today!


Mine came today!

Toasty Warm Hamster

As did mine….. Amazing


Got this email yesterday AFTER the shipment confirmation – so, glad that the glitch happened as I am determined to hold on to it in any case. Now, it’s just the torture of a 2-week wait! (“Return” you say, Amazon? Not a chance!)


I shouldn’t have waited dammit!

Jesse Kinross-Smith

Ordered mine as soon as I heard and it’s shipped already – and yeah, got this notice overnight too 🙂
Now the next question is.. how to hack it to get around the hardcoded dns so we can watch netflix/hulu/etc.. hopefully there’s a way!


Funny how Amazon has these glitches, i am pretty sure it happened back in August or September.
The mind boggles at how it a shipping block could be switched off .. they released one product and they released them all to international shipping.


I pasted that email in the other article about it at 5:20am. Boo credit! 😛


Ordered one too! Shipment notice says delivery date of 24th n yeah appearing of shipment notice card in now is pretty cool. Havent received the above mentioned notice yet!


It was funny to receive the shipment notice then less than an hour later the email to say it should not have shipped. Just waiting for Jeni to make a negative comment about it all now.


Glad I ordered this as soon as I got the chance now. Should already be in its way and due the 24th 🙂


Same delivery date for me. It’s also the first time I have ordered something, and have the card appear in Google Now.


Yeah that card appearing is pretty cool.


Ah yeah, it shows on mine as well. Shame it doesn’t link to anything useful, like the tracking (I already know the estimated due date).

Darren Ferguson

I was on the fence about getting one and eventually did. So glad I got in before this. Got the “item dispatched” email, then the one above the next day.

Interestingly, this is the first order I’ve had show up in Google Now with an estimated arrival date. Haven’t shopped with them for quite awhile, so was pleasantly surprised.


Fingers crossed there’s news on the Chromecast SDK at the predicted Google event this month…