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A new app from Australian developer Andrew Dittmer of Appic Win, the same dev behind my favourite retro LCD game Plunder Bros. has branched out into childrens books with his new app Me In a Storybook: Farm (Kids).

The new app, is a different take on the storybook App genre, which allows your child to take part in the story. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to take some pics of your child. At the main menu you select the ‘My Face’ option which then prompts you to take six photos of your child with various expressions – Excited, sour, silly, scary, surprised and Asleep. The photos can be centred and zoomed in or out to fit best within the frame. Once you’re done the six photographs allow you to see your child in the story.


It involves a little preparation – and co-operation on the part of your child – to get ready but it’s worth it, once you’re up and running, your child will get a kick out of seeing themselves in a story. It’s an amusing little story about a child called Indie visiting their parents farm. The story can either be read to your child automatically, have it read to you with you hitting the page turn prompts or your child can choose to read it to themselves.

The Storybook works extremely well on the Nexus 10, the larger screen is extremely well suited to the storybook format and is easy for children to hold, but should work on a variety of tablets and phones as listed in Google Play. The App is aimed at devices running Android 3.1 and upwards, so in reality you will need a reasonably newer device, but with the number of devices running Android 4.0 or above sitting at just under 70%, this is a pretty good coverage.

Me In a Storybook: Farm (Kids) costs $1.99 as an introductory offer, it will be raised in price to $3.99 and is actually a real hoot for your kids to check out. Young readers will enjoy the story and younger children will just enjoy being a part of the story.

Andrew is busy developing more stories in the ‘Me in a Storybook’ series so make sure you like the Appic Win Facebook page, circle the Appic Win Google+ page or follow Appic Win on Twitter to get all the information on releases, or keep an eye on Ausdroid where we’ll also let you know.

Source: Google Play.
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    Paul Walker

    What age group is this aimed at?

    vijay alapati

    may be for kids in ur family 🙂

    Appic Win

    Hi Paul, it’s aimed at kids around 3 – 6 years old but I need to get more feedback about how kids respond. I know some 2 year old kids have enjoyed it also. The really young kids will struggle to pull some of the faces unless you show them the face for them to mimic. All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.