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In the latest catalogue starting Thursday 17th till Wednesday 23rd October, the discount department store is offering and Audiosonic 5.3″ Dual-SIM Smartphone for $199.


Whilst the specs aren’t high end, nor mid-range the catalogue does only offer the following limited specs:

  • 5.3″ Screen Display
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Inbuilt-GPS

Unfortunately given the lack of specs provided, we cannot state if the device is dual core or the megapixels of any camera that could be part of the device.

Whilst we cannot state or vouch if this device is better than Aldi’s Dual-Sim smartphone or Kogan’s new Agora 5″ Smartphone, but it is good that more and more dual-sim devices are starting to become available to pretty much everyone now a days.

Are you in the market for a cheap dual-sim Android smartphone? Would you consider buying this device? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Kmart.
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    how do i use both sims one isn’t working can someone tell me why?

    Daniel Tyson

    Depends on what isn’t working, if it’s data it’s usually that one of the SIMs is only 2G capable.


    Can anyone tell me how to take a screen shot on this phone ?

    Daniel Tyson

    Screenshot on Android Phones is Volume Down+Power. Does that work?

    Emileen Pearce

    i like how it is larger than most phones, although, you will need to buy another one if you need a new battery or back cover, there also should be cases for it. the charger is stupid. overall its a good choice if you like big phones, don’t like apple or its your first phone.


    does anyone know where to get the spare screen of this phone?


    Does this phone have FM Radio

    Jaydyn sharp

    Yes, I bought the phone a week ago, FM radio turns digital in select areas, however my “back” button light has already broken, the cheap plastic back is hard to get off, please be careful with the back, it comes with a screen protecter but no cover, both Sims are 3g, and the phone has allot hidden from the ui, the phone is slow for response and the screen sometimes is unresponsive, when you are in a phone call, the sensor cannot tell when you pull the phone away from your head, thus making it hard to hang up, the… Read more »


    i love it ;and it perfecte for me


    can’t find a cover for it anywhere!

    Emileen Pearce

    yeah, its really annoying, but there are samsung ones that fit it ok


    Anyone using one of these ? Review ?


    Where to find the audiosonic

    Andrew D'Arcy

    This phone is a dual sim standard size sim card. 1ghz cpu. 512mb ram. 5mp rear camera and .3mp front camera. They fun on any 3g network 850/2100mhz. Thats about the main specs I know of. Also supports up to 32gb micro sd


    I’m sorry, but for $199 you can currently get a decent spec smartphone with a far more established and trusted brand name… I bought my sister a Huawei G300+ a few months back for only $99, and it caters for her needs perfectly. I think $199 is a bit too much for an ‘Audiosonic’ product, considering what else is out there. Make it $100 or less, and it might be a good deal.

    Sujay Vilash

    Most dual-sim phones that I have come across have a 2G only second-sim. If this phone is like that, then it is useless. As for “Audiosonic”, surely this is a re-branded phone made by some other OEM. All Audiosonic products are nothing more than re-brands.


    What’s more concerning is that they don’t say which type of sim the phone uses, nor what 3G bands it’s designed for.

    Sujay Vilash

    And why would the type of SIM be important ? Happy to be corrected but does it really make any difference to the type of SIM it uses ?


    It matters if the device uses micro sims, and your current devices use mimi sims.

    Sujay Vilash

    But cutters and adaptors are available which work brilliantly. So I personally don’t think the size of the SIM is an issue, unless there was a marked difference such as a SIM size offering more SMS characters etc. But that ain’t the case either.

    Andrew D'Arcy

    850/2100 mhz and standard size sim


    5mp camera right there on the photo lol

    Media Maggot

    LOL Poor Alex missing seeing the obvious there 🙂