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Nexus 5 (LG-D821) receives Cat 4 LTE certification from Global Certification Forum

It’s almost certain that the LG-D821 is going to be the next Nexus, believed to be called the Nexus 5. With a leaked service manual leaked last week, there was a base listing of LTE bands listed as being supported by the on-board hardware but now with the phone passing through the Global Certification Forum(GCF) we can now see which bands will be active and exactly what speeds it will be capable of.

According to the GCF, the LG-D821 will be pretty fast, capable of supporting Frequency division LTE(FD-LTE – the defacto standard in Australia) LTE UE Category 4 which allows for speeds up to 150Mbps. It will support these speeds across Band 1(2100MHz), Band 3(1800MHz), Band 5(850MHz), Band 7(2600MHz) and Band 20(800MHz).

The supported bands work quite well for Vodafone and Telstra who both support FD-LTE on 1800MHz, as well as offering Category 4 LTE networks in various markets across Australia. The Telstra Cat4 network will be using a combination of Band 3(1800MHz) and Band8(900MHz) which the service manual for the LG-D821 had listed as supported so hopefully for Telstra customers this GCF certification is not the final word.

The only disappointment in the supported bands will be for Optus customers, specifically those in Canberra who are unfortunately restricted to Band 40(2300MHz) LTE in their market. Although both Optus and Telstra – as well as TPG – will be able to begin using their Band 7(2600 MHz) networks in October next year.

The GCF also lists GSM support for 1900/1800/900/850 MHz. The GCF certification does not list any UMTS bands, but again the service manual lists UMTS support for Bands 1/2/4/5/6/8(2100/1900/1700/850/800/900MHz), of which Bands 1,8 and 5 are used in Australia.

It will be interesting to see exactly which bands are supported when the Nexus 5 is announced, which could happen in a web only launch similar to the launch of the Nexus 4 and 10 last year. At this stage, with the specs that have leaked, there appears to be a large component of Android users who are ready to throw money at the screen to get their hands on one of these devices, we just hope it gets released worldwide and the sooner the better.

Full listing of the certification, from the Global Certification Forum.

GSM 850
GSM 900
GSM 1800
GSM 1900
Supports EDGE : Class 12
Does this device support UTRA? : Yes
Supports HSDPA : Category 24
Supports Enhanced Uplink : Category 6
Does this device support E-UTRA? : Yes
E-UTRA FDD Band 1: Category : 4
E-UTRA FDD Band 3: Category : 4
E-UTRA FDD Band 5: Category : 4
E-UTRA FDD Band 7: Category : 4
E-UTRA FDD Band 20: Category : 4
Support OMA MMS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3
Support OMA Browsing 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3
Supports SUPL 1.0 or 2.0
Ciphering Algorithm A5/3 Enabled
Ciphering Algorithm GEA/3 Enabled
Supports WB-AMR for UTRA
Supports Dual Cell-HSDPA release 8
Supports Rx diversity
Supports PPAC
Supports STTD (OLTD) : Restricted
Supports CS/PS Mode of operation in E-UTRA
Supports CS Fallback
Supports Browser Termination Event : Restricted
Supports Idle Mode Text Display : Restricted
Supports Idle Screen Event : Restricted
Supports Language Support in STK : Restricted
Supports Screen Busy event : Restricted
Supports Soft Keys : Restricted
Supports User Activity Event : Restricted
Supports Local Phonebook : Restricted
Supports Read SMS : Restricted
Animated GIF support of MMS : Yes
One or more Test Cases exempted, refer to Annex F.4.3

Source: GCF.
Via: GSMInsider.

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13 Comments on "Nexus 5 (LG-D821) receives Cat 4 LTE certification from Global Certification Forum"

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Valued Guest

Seems unlikely but I’m really hoping Google announce it this week. I’ve still got my SGS2 and I’m desperate for a new phone!

Valued Guest

I just hope Google and lg have sorted out their stock/supply chain issues this time round. this phone is probably the most anticipated nexus yet and can imagine demand is going to be high. Good luck to everyone with their browser refresh button when it become available.

Valued Guest

Good article, thanks.

vijay alapati
Valued Guest
vijay alapati

I might commit a robbery at google office tonight, I really can’t wait to own one

Valued Guest

So is there a announcement tonight? Official event?

Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

Weren’t the latest rumours suggesting the 15th, not the 14th?

Valued Guest

Yeah you might be right there. So tomorrow night local time I guess.

Andrew Palozzo
Valued Guest

Doubt it’s any time this week.. we would’ve heard about the event…

Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

That’s assuming there is an event. Some reports are suggesting an online launch only.

Valued Guest

Google usually sends out invites to the media a week in advance of a reveal event.

We haven’t heard of any invites going out, so I can only assume the event won’t be on the 15th.

However there is an October 30 date floating around for the reveal. If that is the case, then we should expect invites going out around Oct 23 to the media.

Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

Again, that’s based on the assumption there will be an event. I’m not saying there won’t be an event but some rumours have suggested the N5 and Android 4.4 will be an online only affair.

Andrew Palozzo
Valued Guest

Nice work Daniel.. I’m really struggling to keep up with all the different bands.. so it’s great to see this break down. Can’t wait to get my mitts on this device. LTE was the only thing I really missed with the N4.

Alexei Watson
Valued Guest
Alexei Watson

Nice sleuthing

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