The globe trotting Nexus 5 has paid a visit to Russia, after recently enjoying some time in France, in a bar, cavorting with another phone, and revealing all in an early service manual.

The new photos do not reveal much more than we already know: the Nexus 5 has a very large ring around the camera, the back appears to be made of the same comfortable to hold material as the Nexus 7:

Nexus 5 a

The front camera is on the left, the earpiece is circular and in the centre of the top bezel:

Nexus 5 b

The phone looks to have a similar thickness as the Nexus 4 of around 9mm, and the buttons appear to be matte black, not the chrome finish of the Nexus 4:

Nexus 5 c

There is no release date or announcement of the Nexus 5 yet, but we are hoping that it shall be very soon to put a stop to all of these leaks.

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Source: Droid Life.
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Mahmoud Baghdadi

Any official launch event?


Missed a perfect title opportunity “from Russia with love”.


They may as well just officially announce it. This is now just a full blown flood as opposed to leak