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After releasing details in the US about the new Haswell powered Acer C720 Chromebook in the US last week, Acer Australia has today advised that the C720 will be available this month in Australia.

Priced at $399, Acer is advising that the C720 will again be available through Google approved retailers JB-Hifi and Harvey Norman as well as online through their Acer web-store this month.

Daniel Goffredo, Head of Commercial Client Products at Acer Australia spoke about the C720 and working with Google

Working with Google on the C720 Chromebook has given Acer the opportunity to offer customers an affordable PC which, thanks to the new Intel Haswell processor, is fast and responsive, boots up in a flash, is simple to use and designed for the way we use the web today.

Using new integrated technologies, the C720 promotes learning and collaboration through Chrome apps, file sharing with Google Drive and virtual meetings with Hangouts and Google Talk – great for families and students.

The C720 will be powered by an 1.4GHz Intel Celeron 2955U processor based on the Intel Haswell chipset, and come with up to 4GB of RAM, which all up will allow users to boot up in under 7 seconds. The C720 will have an 11.6″ screen which will have a seemingly standard – for Chromebooks -resolution of 1366×768. The C720 will have a 16GB SSD that should make it able to offer quite a decent speed and for expanding the 16GB storage Acer are supplying a 2 in 1 card reader.

The C720 will be a connected device offering a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port as well as HDMI out, and a 3.5mm audio jack. It is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and has 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi as well.

With Haswell, the power savings are said to be massive, with Acer estimating that the battery will provide up to 8.5 hours of battery life, which they say is ideal for all day productivity and fun. Of course that’s dependent on the actual applications you run, but still a massive improvement over current generation Chromebooks.

The C720 isn’t on the Acer Website as yet, and we haven’t heard reports of them reaching JB Hifi or Harvey Norman stores at this stage but we’re definitely looking, so let us know if you see an Acer C720 Chromebook in the wild.

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simon gray

Why is it so damned much!!!!

Samuel Riggs

Anyone know where you can get these for a decent price? Happy to go from US supplier too but haven’t found one yet (Amazon, etc., won’t ship to Aus)

Andrew Palozzo

I’ve been looking to pick one up as a present; But at this price wondering if it’s better to just buy from the US.. consider the AU price is almost double.

Also curious about feedback on the screen and trackpad…