sony xperia z1

Sony has released a firmware update for their Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra.

For both devices Sony has:

  • re-calibrated the display ever so slightly, to ensure viewing experiences remain bright & bold
  • economised power consumption for longer battery life
  • streamlined Exchange connection for faster email sync, display and download

For the Xperia Z1 the improvements are:

  • tweaked the camera algorithm for even better all round performance
  • refined Sony’s Smart Social Camera platform, so Xperia Camera apps run more smoothly (particularly Burst Mode, Superior Auto, AR Effect and Sweep Panorama…)

The Z Ultra gets improved touch screen optimisation for finger gestures, writing and drawing with styluses on top of the enhancements made for better battery life and Exchange connection.

This update is starting to be pushed out today, but the timing will vary from region to region.

Do you have a Xperia Z1 or Z Ultra? How are you enjoying it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Sony Mobile.
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Dean Reading

It’s actually an entirely new camera app for the Z1.
If anyone with a Z1 gets this update, it’d be really helpful to know how much the pictures have improved because I’ll likely buy this phone in the next few days.


If Google and Sony collaborated on a “Nexus Experience” version of the Z1, then it would probably be my next phone…

Martin W

I just got my Z1 yesterday. The two criticisms I have is how easy the screen colours change when viewing photos on slight angles. the other is the camera photo quality not that different to a S3 for example. My tip to other owners is buy a magnetic usb cable charger to charge it, much easier than opening the flap every time and cheap online. I was warned from reading multiple reviews online but could not believe it so I took a chance and bought it. Maybe these latest firmware updates will fix it.

Martin W

I forgot to add the heating up issues experienced so far. This was happening when just fiddling with the camera and its functions, taking plenty of photos etc. The hot spot was definitely behind the processor. I actually tried to cool it down by placing the phone under the kitchen tap for about 30 seconds. At least it gives us an option like that.

Anthony Young

I upgraded to a Z1 from a Galaxy Nexus (running AOKP).
First impressions are really good. No need to root/rom this phone as it does everything i want.
I was really impressed with how quickly the phone finds a mobile signal and connects (my GNex has had radio issues from day one).
The UI is snappy and what sony has touched is un-intrusive and polished.
Great phone so far.


Agree with this completely. I went nexus 4 to the Z ultra, and am very surprised… I thought I would be going AOSP as soon as possible… But I don’t currently have any need to do so. Kitkat might change that though… Or more specifically how long it might take to get to us…