Telus Nexus 5 landscape
Canadian carrier Telus has apparently let some press renders of the upcoming Nexus 5 out into the wild proudly displaying their branding and showing off in crystal clear clarity the front of the phone and the very oddly covered round speaker at the top of the phone.

Telus Nexus5
As you can see the front speaker at the top, which has usually been a cut-out rectangle on most handsets – including previous Nexus phones – is now a rounded shape and appears to be covered by the glass. How exactly this will go with sound quality is questionable, perhaps some new type of bone-conduction speaker? Other than that, it appears just as we’ve seen in every other leak of the device so far – Volume rocker on the left, Power button on the right etc.

The software view of Kit Kat is also shown and is just as interesting, it shows off a new icon for the Phone and Camera as well as a slightly new look for the folders as well as the previously discussed removal of the separator line between the homescreen and dock, as well as the new App Drawer button.

With the Kit Kat Google+ page seemingly just trolling Android fans now – or perhaps we’re all trying to read something into their perhaps innocuous posts – we can only hope that Google announces an official date for some sort of announcement very soon.

What are your thoughts on the speaker?

Source: MobileSyrup.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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