Nexus 7 2013 Dick Smith

This Saturday and Sunday only Dick Smith will be selling the ever popular new Nexus 7 32GB for the very good price of $279. The tablet is available in Google Play for $339.

Of the big retailers, Harvey Norman is selling the Nexus at $337, Officeworks and The Good Guys price is $318, though some price match haggling may bag you a discount.

For those unaware of the specifications of the Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB, they are:

  • 7″ Full HD display with 323 pixels per inch
  • 32GB storage, 2GB RAM
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor at 1.5GHz
  • Wireless charging and NFC
  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • 5MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera
  • GPS with A-GPS support
  • 3950 mAh battery

Naturally, being a Nexus device it comes with the latest Android 4.3, and will be one of the first in line to receive the new Android 4.4 when it is released shortly.

It looks as though this weekend is shaping up to be a great time to get yourself a new Nexus 7.

Does this tempt you to take the plunge and get yourself a Nexus tablet? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Oz Bargain.
Thanks: Dave.
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Dylan Wheeler

Just bought one from DSE in Perth city, they didn’t have their tickets updated but simply asking at the counter resulted in happy results!


DSE was out of stock. JB next door price matched it. Now I have Nexus 4, 7 and 10


By their powers combined…you have a Nexus 21!


Bought one today from DSE, awesome price.

Martin Dolan

Slightly OT, but does anyone know where to get a tempered glass screen protector that will work with a stylus for the Nexus 7 (2012)
And if there is any news on a fix for the logitech unifying keyboard not working on the Nexus 7 2013?

Martin Dolan

Just a FYI. Go into officeworks, and you will probably find that they are selling it also for $279
if it is just even one cent higher than that you can ask them to price match.
They have to sell it to you for 279 less a further 5%
So that means it will cost you 265 ish.

I also suggest you do this FIRST THING in the morning, because after the first person does it, they will just change the ticket price to 279 so you don’t get 5% off.

Joshua Hill

That was my plan already. Good luck to other Nexus bargain hunters 🙂

Joshua Hill

Was just about to head off, checking availability at Officeworks and they already have it listed at $279 too. Still a bloody good price.


I have one. I cannot get it to connect to 4G Telstra network in suburb in south Sydney yet I.n coverage area on Telsta website. Device is supposed to be 4G but is this only for use inside with home broadband setup? Beautiful device but can’t get it to connect. Can anybody advise?


Uh, you sure you didn’t just buy the wifi model?


Yeah. Has 4G display re connectivity, but will display maybe one or non bars. I have yet to go to city (definite 4G coverage) to try it. Someone suggested to me that though it is 4G capable it would require a plug in modem to work i.e. connect outside away from a home broadband setup.


Have you put a sim card on a suitable data plan into it?


Yep. Telstra micro sim pre-paid


Check it’s on the right APNs in settings.


Apn all setup?


If it had MHL I’d be getting one.
Edit: ah what the heck it’s only 10bucks for a SlimPort dongle.


Holy Dooley that’s cheap!! I thought I did well paying $300 for the same model at JB Hifi.


Well, it’s pretty amazing value at $300 anyway. This just makes it extra-amazing!