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Its not often that deals like this come everyday, so obviously us here at Ausdroid through it would be a good idea to let you, our loyal readers in on Catch of the Day’s deal for tomorrow – the Nexus 7 2013 16GB for $149!!

Yes you read right, Catch of the day are offering 400 units of the new Nexus 7 16GB 2013 tablet devices for $149 for tomorrow only (Tuesday 22 October 2013).

There is a catch though, as always.

To get this unbelievably fabulous offer, you will need to pay by – Visa’s (the bank payment/credit card company) answer to PayPal. If you’re intending to participate in the bargain rush you would be well served by heading over to the site and sor it out early.

This special is part of Catch of the Day’s 7th Birthday Party (which we here at Ausdroid wish them a very BIG happy Birthday to them over at the company).

We are unsure when the deal is going to go live exactly, however Catch of the Day have stated that there will be a new deal every 30 mins, so it’s probably best to keep refreshing every 30 minutes or so. Of course this would be a great opportunity to check out the Catch of the Day Android App which is available over on Google Play.

Are you considering buying the new Nexus 7 2013 at this fantastic price? Do you currently own a Nexus 7 2013? tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TechAU.
Via: Catch of the Day.
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Received mine today.. turns out they were 32GB!

Satwik Kamatmehbro

its cute how they wrote in the description of the product – made my samsung.


Smells more like a scam to me… I was able to click on the AppleTV before it sold out (in less than a minute!), but when it was put in my shopping basket it was AU$70!

I noticed it, but since it says it wouldn’t reserve a product until you pay, some people will click faster than they read. That’s a case for the ACCC, in my opinion.


Actually it looks like when you go through and pay with this visa-stuff you get the cheaper price. Nevertheless….

Brad Hook

Got one of the GoPro cameras. Not a scam. Says the full price until you check it out with V.Me, then it gives you a hefty discount.


What’s with the $250 (including GST)? Is that meant to be the price after adding postage and GST? If so, that’s some expensive postage, and makes it only $50 cheaper than the Play Store.

Darren Ferguson

Wow, colour me impressed. I was able to load the page. Back in the day when this site had one ‘catch’ every day, they always crashed all day long when something like this was on.


If this CotD was for the 32Gb and was priced similarly to the deal at DSE on the weekend just gone, then it would be worth going after. But for my needs, the 16Gb has nowhere near enough onboard storage.

With such a miniscule number of available units up for grabs nationally, it looks like something that the ACCC should be having a very hard look at. It looks just like bait designed to get connedsumers hooked on to Visa’s online payment system.

Darren Ferguson

Yep, call the ACC. Advertising that you have 400 units for sale sure is dodgy.


Then you are unable to see the point, Darren.
A sale nationally with a miniscule available pool of stock, primarily designed as a marketing venture to get connedsumers to sign up for a third party service.

Darren Ferguson

It’s a free online service. I am unable to see the point. Even if it is marketing for getting people to sign up.
If you don’t want to do it, don’t.

Brad Hook

They were honest about the exact amount of stock they had. Just because they’ll be gone in 2 minutes, doesn’t mean they’re breaking ACC code. It’s a ‘while stocks last’ deal. Fair game. I got my GoPro for $156.95 after shipping. I’m happy. I saved about $250 dollars today.

Antonio Marghariti

dont even bother, COTD website always crashes when they have these deals


After a few successful CotD purchases it looks to me like the V.Me sales are a loss leader by visa to get new consumers.
I could be convinced.

Mike Will

Last two xmas times I got delivered the wrong order from COTD and the items weren’t even close to what I had ordered. They must be getting desperate and have to resort to this to get the free advertising you got sucked in for.


Dodgy site and that many if there really is that many be gone in 2 mins. Question is would this be aust stock and how much is shippping?

Ipad mini 150 too

Mike Stevens

“Its not often that deals like this come everyday” – I don’t think this is an everyday deal either… 😉

Does sound damn appealing, though!


I dont like it …it reacks bad pr …