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G Flex
The war on curved screens started with the Samsung Galaxy Round, but is set to continue with another phone expected to be released next month from another Korean manufacturer LG. While the Galaxy Round is curved on the vertical axis, the LG G Flex will be curved on the horizontal plane, reminiscent of the Nexus S.

The G Flex first showed up on Engadget, where they confirmed with their sources that the phone would come with a 6″ screen. Now TheVerge has received some updated information in the form of pics and a hands-on video from Argentinian site telefenoticias, who also provided TheVerge with new images of the device.

The video is a decent hands-on, showing off the device, and at 6″ it’s a pretty nice looking device. According to Federico Ini the reporter who managed to gain access to the phone, the G Flex will come with a 13MP camera sensor, similar to that which comes with the LG G2 came.

Unfortunately if this new curved screen trend strikes your fancy, it appears that initial reports are that the G Flex will not be released outside of LG’s home country of South Korea, meaning Australia, the US, Europe and everywhere else will not see a release.

Source: TelefenoticiasFrederico Ini.
Via: TheVerge.
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Sorry LG, Google figured curved screens are bad because we don’t need that type of ergonomics anymore since we stare at our screens more which brings up another point, curved screens make horrible reflections. Cool tech demo tho.


Yea guys except this time the actual screen is curved, not just the body of the phone. 😉


Nexus S had curved glass…


Yes and so did the Galaxy Nexus but the screen, BEHIND the glass, itself isn’t “curved”.


Yeah, why is the whole curved screen thing even news? It’s been done. This thing looks exactly like a Nexus S…

vijay alapati

nexus s, nexus s, nexus s ;p