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Hyundai and its part owned sister company Kia are reported to be bringing Android integration into all of their cars from early next year. The Audio-Visual-Navigation (AVN) system will be based on Android and feature a company owned app store from which you can download automotive and multimedia apps. It’s not known yet if you’ll be able to fully access all of Google’s services, such as Google Play.

Being an Android system, the linking of your smart phone’s functions to the cars AVN system should be a simple operation.

A source familiar with the topic said:

Hyundai & Kia will install the Android AVN system, which is linked to all the smartphone functions, and provides its own Appstore and communication-based telematics service –  all new cars released next year will have this system by default or as an option

One of the most interesting parts of  this is the “communication based telematics service”, which is said to be able to remotely control the cars functions through a Wi-Fi connection.

The first cars to receive the new AVN system are the Hyundai New Genesis and Sonata, whilst the KIA system, which they call UVO 2.0, will be in the All New Soul. This roll-out will be followed shortly there after by all new Hyundai and Kia cars, either as standard or as an option.

What do you think of this integration of Android and cars? A natural fit? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Korea IT News.
Via: AndroidAuthority.
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    So you get a phone and it stops getting updates within two years. What about a 5 year old Hyundai or Kia? Are they going to be updating to 5.x, 6.x, 7.x ? This unit is going to get obsolete before the car is out of warranty. And “remotely control the cars functions through a Wi-Fi connection” is just asking for trouble. You can bet its not going to run Torque Pro and allow you to cancel warning lights without a trip to the registered (expensive) dealer. Forget your own app store and go with a solution that allows you… Read more »


    Cough Honda please read this.

    Alexei Watson

    Great, the AVN in my 2013 i30 blows majorly. it works, sometimes.


    Yeah, tell me about it. That’s if you can actually see the screen during the day.

    Alexei Watson

    visibility is fine in mine, it’s the elite with the larger screen. It just freezes, crashes a lot. It runs on windows, I know this because sometimes it drops to the desktop haha!

    Can’t use navigation in first 10 minutes or so of driving, else the thing freezes, can’t manually set the clock, and the automatic time changes at random while driving. It’s going tback to hyundai when I get around to it.

    Once I’ve been driving for 15 minutes or so it tends to behave usually, then it’s fine. So many annoyances though.