Galaxy S4

Samsung’s CEO, JK Shin, has reportedly told Korean media outlets that his company has sold more than 40 million Galaxy S4 units around the world since its launch around 6 months ago. This number does not include variants of the device such as the Zoom, Active, and Mini — it does, however, include the 3G and 4G variants of the Galaxy S4.

Sales have slowed for Samsung with only 5 million units reportedly shipped in August alone. The overall sales are still impressive nonetheless. The Galaxy S4 is yet to surpass the 50 million+ Galaxy S3 units which have sold worldwide, though at this rate we could see that before the years end, if not early 2014.

Source: iNews24.
Via: SamMobile.
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Sujay Vilash

HTC need to poach JK Shin from Samsung. Obviously, he is doing something right for Samsung which cannot be said about HTC’s current CEO. In fact, HTC’s current CEO looks like he will ruin the company before doing what is best for HTC. Pity as they do build great phones.

Sincere apologies for not remembering the current HTC CEO’s name.