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Samsung has recently dived into wearable devices, such as the Galaxy Gear smart watch. Samsung has now been approved a patent in South Korea for a Google Glass type of eyeware for the FitBit generation.

The device will have a forward projecting camera onto a small screen, with in-built earphones and a curious micro-USB link.

According to the patent filings, Samsung describes the device as:

This design is of a type [of glasses] with earphones integrated, allowing [users] to take phone calls and listen to music during workouts

It is expected that the device will be tethered to a smart phone via Bluetooth and project information and notifications on the lens of the glasses.

The initial emphasis seems to be on a workout bent, but future generations of the Samsung wearable electronic eyeware could have all sorts of possibilities.

What are your thoughts on wearable extensions of your smart phone? Lets us know in the coments!

Source: The Wall Street Journal.
Via: Engadget.
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Doesn’t look like your standard headphones per se… well… more like bone headphones that send the music through your bones directly to your inner ear. The positioning looks all wrong otherwise. If I was to buy a pair… I’d want them to be able to work independent of a phone. Having to take a phone running is annoying. As such it’d need GPS + inbuilt storage at the very minimum… I don’t hold onto any hope… especially after the disappointing stuff the gear had. Additionally, I’d really PREFER it not to have a camera at all. I don’t want to… Read more »


These Android smart glasses are not something I can use, until the projectors are redesigned to work with existing prescription glasses frames.
As for this just announced Samsung product, what’s the betting that this will only be usable with a limited range of Samsung phones, just like the Galaxy Gear smart watch.

Happy Dog

Might help you shed some kgs 😉

Sean Royce