Humble Bundle - Logo Vertical
The Humble Bundle has just started up their Weekly game sale, this week featuring games from development house Cipher Prime, celebrating their 5th anniversary as a developer.

The games are a mix of both mobile and desktop titles – As usual there is a bonus for paying above a certain price – usually the average – which this week is $6, but if you’re an Android user then you may just want to pay whatever you want this week, because the three games available for Android – Splice, Fractal: Make Blooms Not War and Pulse: Volume One – are available at which ever price you want to pay.

Of course if you pay above the $6 mark you will get another two games – Intake and Auditorium which are available for Windows and Mac. If you pay another $1 you will receive Steam keys for available titles as well.

As usual whatever payment you make is split between the developer – Cipher Prime – and two great charities – the Child’s Play Charity and/or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Head over to the Humble Bundle Weekly Sale website to purchase and don’t forget the Humble Bundle Mobile 7 bundle as well.