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In a ruling handed down by the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission, Samsung has been fined around $355,000 (AUD) for organising an internet campaign to badmouth HTC whilst praising Samsung’s own devices. From the outside, it doesn’t seem like a move worth making for Samsung, the dominator in the Android market, however, HTC has great market share in the home country of Taiwan.

Two other companies were also fined for their part in the smear campaign against HTC. The $355,000 fine is hardly going to leave a mark on Samsung’s latest record breaking profits of $9.96 billion for Q3 2013.

Source: AP.
Via: Phone Arena.
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More dodgy Shamesung practices.

Not going to buy another Samsung phone again. Really lame Shamesung.


I too base all of my purchase decisions on the advertising ethics of the company and not on the actual product. But then, I own apple products. Oh…. Wait….