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The Nexus 5 has nothing really left to give in terms of specs, looks and even camera samples, the only thing left is availability which according to a pre-order page on Canadian carrier Wind Mobile, could be coming very soon.

The Canadian carrier, obviously not content to wait for Google to announce the phone, added a pre-order mini-site to their Facebook page, where it was subsequently removed, but not before being sighted by a number of Android fans. The pre-order page included a list of the specs, which marries up with what we already knew of the upcoming device :
We assume that the Wi-Fi ‘nc’ is merely a typo with the much more well known – and real – Wi-Fi standard ‘AC’ expected to be included on the phones spec sheet when Google officially unveil the device. The other strange – although not unwelcome – addition, perhaps a design decision by Google is the incorporation of ceramic power and volume buttons.

Also from Canada this morning there were pictures supposedly from an LG Canada employee which shows pallets of Nexus 5 stocks sitting in a non-descript store-room in a Canadian warehouse. The employee has also shown off the retail packaging again, which is similar to that of the Nexus 7(2013) packaging.

With stock ready to go – in Canada at least – the announcement of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4, has to be close surely? We only have to wait for an invite to be sent out to media and we just hope that will be soon. Are you an LG employee in Australia? Have you got stockpiles in a warehouse somewhere here? Let us know.

Source: Wind MobileNeoGaf.
Via: AndroidPolice.
Thanks: The Multitudes of readers who sent this in.
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Nothing in those specs about LTE?

vijay alapati

wish it come to aussi carriers on 1 nov, but wish the updates are dealt direct from google 🙂


Any word on if it supports usb OTG? I can see slimport up there.

Daniel Tyson

Last we heard on USB OTG on the Nexus 5 is this http://ausdroid.net/2013/10/02/nexus-5-to-support-usb-otg/

Happy Dog

I’m keeping my Nexus 4… Just really keen for 4.4