Sprigen Nexusa 5

Sprigen has not been shy with promoting a Nexus 5 case, but now they have updated their site with much more specific details regarding their Nexus 5 cases.

They have gone early and displayed the Neo Hybrid for US $29.99,  the Slim Armor for US $24.99 and the Ultra Hybrid case for US $24.99 as well.

The Neo Hybrid has a polycarbonate frame covered with a soft touch TPU skin and is available in Metal Slate, Satin Silver and Champagne Gold.

SPIGEN SGP Nexus 5 Case Neo Hybrid   SPIGEN SGP

The Slim Armor is a polycarbonate case with TPU at the ends and is available in Infinity White, Champagne Gold and Smooth Black.

SPIGEN Nexus 5 case Slim Armor   SPIGEN SGP

The Ultra Hybrid case is a TPU bumper with a “Crystal Clear” back panel.

Nexus 5 Case Ultra Hybrid   Nexus 5   Google   Brands   SPIGEN SGP

Do you have a Spigen case? How does it perform? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Phandroid.
Via: Spigen.
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they look fantastic, I’d probably wait till some ebay seller in Oz has bulk and sells them with better postage costs


What’s up with the “for US” in the product names? The rest of the world needs different cases?


I have a Spigen for my Note 3, cost me $27 I believe.

Alex Hutton

Expensive shipping to Australia :/

Alexei Watson

Bought the ultra hybrid for nexus 5 about a week ago off amazon, it actually shipped, left USA yesterday morning, so I’d expect to recieve it in the next day or two.

Peter Massey

I got a “Ultra Crystal” screen protector for my N7 and loved it! A bit of a finger print attractor but only marginally more than nothing. My S2 had (and still has nothing) but I’d probably get a Spigen again for any/all of my devices.

Tom Ruediger

Got a Spigen slim line case and screen protector on the same day as I ordered my Nexus 4 and as a result, it looks almost factory fresh. Even after quite a few drops!

Hieu Nguyen

neo hybrid with champagne gold trim.. oh my..