For years I have had issues finding some good earbuds for walking, jogging, cycling or just at the gym to drown out the garbage music they play there. Several times I thought I found the pair of eabuds or headphones that were perfect only to find they became uncomfortable after a period of time in my ears, or they fell out when on the bike/treadmill, or the sound quality was extremely poor, or the bluetooth didn’t reach far enough from my locker or… well you get the idea, there’s a myriad of issues that can cause issues with earbuds or headphones for an active person.

I’ve finally found a pair of earbuds that

  • Are comfy
  • Don’t fall out, they’ve got an over ear hook to prevent this
  • Have great sound quality
  • Are wired so work well with my armband for my phone
  • Are a snug fit so keep out most of the distractions

The Adidas OCX685i from Sennheiser are my new fitness companion.


At a retail price of $109.95 they’re not the cheapest in ear sound experience you’ll ever have, but they’re certainly worth it. The outer fitting that contours to your ear has interchangeable (different sized) covers to cater for people with ears of all shapes and sizes allowing a near closed ear sound experience and a sound range of 18 – 20000 Hz which is pretty astounding for speakers the size of your fingernail.

These are so comfortable and the sound is so good in fact; that I have recently found myself favouring them not only for my trips to the gym, but also for use at work over my older over ear headphones. It would be hard to find anyone that can successfully argue anything negative about Sennheiser’s sound equipment and an addition to the range like the Adidas OCX685i only makes that argument harder. If you’re into fitness and struggling to find a decent pair of earbuds to suit your needs, these are without a doubt worth the money.

Have you struggled to find a pair of earbuds/headphones to suit your needs? Share your experiences with other members of the Ausdroid community

Thanks: Sennheiser Australia.
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    Just picked these up on Amazon for $64 including postage. Thanks for the recommendation!


    Sorry I’m confused! Are these Bluetooth or wired?
    As a side note, for in ear Bluetooth headphones, my sweat proof Jaybird Bluebud X are amazing!


    How blind are you, of course it’s wired


    “or the bluetooth didn’t reach far enough from my locker or…”
    Don’t troll child, it was a fair question.


    Are you serious?? Read the that whole paragraph again. He was referring to other ear buds he’s tried previously and how they didn’t fit his purpose..

    “Are wired so work well with my armband for my phone”

    Stop embarassinh your self, my God….

    Phil Tann

    They’re wired, the bluetooth comment was in relation to issues I’ve had while trying to find a pair that suit me for the gym/riding. I must have spent over $700 on earbuds in the last 4 years trying to find a pair I REALLY like.