Google Helpouts

On the back of this morning’s Google Hangouts news, it looks like the Google Helpouts service (discussed in August of this year) is now much closer to reality, with a mooted 5 November 2013 launch date.

If Helpouts sounds unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. Google (somewhat quietly) announced Helpouts back in August. The basic premise is that it’s a different take on Hangouts, where users can receive help directly from experts via video chat for a fee, or free of charge. No dates have been made official, but Android Police is reporting that a trusted source says November 5th is the day.

We haven’t received any advice on this from Google, but we think it’s a great service and it’s one that I’m sure we’ll endeavour to use. Want a video call service to get common Android problems diagnosed? Maybe this is something Ausdroid could offer. Who knows!

Source: Android Police.