If you missed out on the Amazon slip-up earlier this month that allowed the Chromecast to be delivered to Australia for under the $50 mark for a limited time, then you may want to head over to Fishpond, where they’re advertising the dongle for just $49.97 including delivery Australia wide.

With the Chromecast app recently becoming available to a much wider audience – including Australia – through Google Play, it’s conceivable that we could see a wider availability of the device directly through Google in the very near future. However, with Google declining to comment on availability beyond the US, it may take a little while and at this stage, Australian pricing has not been determined so this could either match or even undercut the official pricing.

We’ve setup an affiliate program with Fishpond, so if you do decide to order a Chromecast through them, we’d very much appreciate you showing your support for Ausdroid and using this link to do so.

UPDATE 30/10: Now back in stock

Noting a few of the comments below, particularly about delays in shipping etc, we think we know why this might have happened. Not quite the SlashDot effect, but definitely the Ausdroid effect. We’ve ascertained that there have been 55 purchases through the link below, and depending on where FishPond is sourcing their products from, it’s entirely possible we’ve gone through their supply. Here’s hoping they’re able to fulfil all these orders. We’ll get in touch with FishPond and let you know what we hear back.

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

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    Available again on FishPond!


    Got mine off of eBay yesterday and I’m well chuffed with it. I’ve got a Samsung Smart TV and the Youtube App is rubbish. I bought a WD Media Centre (which is great), the Youtube App on that is mildly better, but still rubbish. Chromecast is absolutely flawless, even on my very poor internet connection. If you can get your hands on one, I’d highly recommend it!


    Brilliant isn’t it. I want another one but will wait till released locally.


    I felt compelled to write something as I got sick of reading comments like “It doesn’t have a Remote!” and “Doesn’t have a USB port on it!” from people who don’t understand what it’s supposed to be.
    To me a $35 device that makes Youtube very accessible on your TV and allows Mirror Imaging from Chrome is a steal! It is a shame however that we don’t have services like Netflix properly supported here yet as that would make it INCREDIBLE.


    oh but we do. I bought a dlink 632 wifi router for $29, threw dd-wrt firmware on it and then paid 40 for a year of VPN access. Using the router with the better firmware connected to my internal network via LAN I now have a primary wifi that is local to my home and IP address is my home ISP one (Australia). I also have another wifi network called VPN, in this I have the chromecast and my phone or any other device I want. This one is seen as having an IP address in the US, midwest in… Read more »


    That’s brilliant, nice work!!

    Judging by your expertise, I’m sure you already know this, but I’ll ‘tell’ you anyway; if for nothing else, for the benefit of other readers.

    While in Chrome you can open (Ctrl+O) videos stored locally on your PC, or even Network files. These can then be cast on your TV.

    This works great for me as I can stream movies from my NAS to the Chromecast (not really necessary when I have a Wireless Media Player, but might be useful for someone else).


    Brilliant isn’t it. I want another one but will wait till released locally.


    OK SO Update, got an email last night saying the following.

    “This title is currently out of stock and we are unable to provide a confirmed delivery date.

    For this reason this title has been cancelled from your order and your account page has also been updated. For full details, please visit your account page.”

    So looks like I can’t get mine from Fishpond. Hopefully another way to get one as I wouldn’t mind having a play.

    Robbo B

    Order placed, thanks for the update 🙂


    I would love to order one but I’m waiting to see if these guys below who ordered theirs a week ago get them shipped out to them today or tomorrow.


    I bought one a week ago and still no word on when they’ll ship. Current order status says

    “Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player has been delayed. Our staff are currently checking this with the supplier and will update your order within the next 24-48 hours.”

    Daniel Tyson

    Hopefully with todays re-stock you’ll see an update.


    I too ordered one last week and just checked order status and it says estimated delivery between 22Nov & 12Dec. 1+ month to deliver? Thats a long wait!

    Daniel Tyson

    Just finished ordering two – will keep you updated on ETA.


    Sold out 🙁 every time I try to get one I can’t get it


    I’m not 100% on the whole Chromecast thing. Why would I want this over a Miracast dongle that can mirror everything from my device onto my HDTV? In what ways is Chromecast better? It seems very limited in it’s functionality…


    Because it works from more than just your android phone.


    Thanks guys. Very informative replies!

    Daniel Tyson

    I`m not the best one to talk (two Miracast Dongles, a Chromecast and just ordered a 2nd), BUT, my wife LOVES the Chromecast for one reason – Google Play Music All Access. She pumps it up through the surround sound and does housework to it. I personally love it for the Youtube access it gives me. Try this out – Complete series of Round The Twist and you can follow /r/fullmoviesonyoutube or /r/fulltvshowsonyoutube on Reddit 😉 And as a lot of commenters have said, casting FTA TV Catchup services through your browser to the Chromecast is quite wonderful. I… Read more »

    Andrew Palozzo

    I just wanted to say… TY for the reddit links!!!!! Not sure if I want Chromecast.. I have a HTPC in the living area and Logitech revue in the bedroom.. But I still wouldn’t mind playing with one…

    Kinda torn..

    Alexei Watson

    Chromecast grabs it’s own content form the net, with the phone/tab/idevice acting more like a remote, this means native 1080p content, instead of a scaled up replica of your screen. The phone can also switch app or even be turned off without interrupting what is happening on the TV.

    vijay alapati

    I have my tv always connect to internet via ethernet cabel and i don’t need to change my source to HDMI (which u have to if u use chromecast) when i stream movies, youtube, music and photos via DLAN apps (no need of any miracast, so i cannot mirror and i don’t need) And i can still turn my phone off or use other apps 🙂


    Vijay, what DLNA apps do you use?
    I used twonky beam until i got the chromecast, i liked beam, but found it a bit flaky and i think i found if the phone was asleep/screen off, twonky would not be able to send my next item in the queue.
    don’t forget that the chromecast will change your tv source when you initiate the connection… yes you have to switch back afterwards, fortunately my tv remote has a quick switch back to TV source.

    vijay alapati

    Bubbleupnp is the free app i use, u need a free addon asking with that, it will prompt you when u try to play YouTube. Once set up is done all u need is one tap to stream content


    If you have a MHL port (most newer TV have them) you dont need to do any switching or even have the TV on the TV sees you have activated the HDMI port and switches to it

    Daniel Tyson

    CEC – Consumer Electronics Control