Have a Break - Android Magic
Yesterday, to take your mind of the fact that no Android 4.4 event or launch had occurred as yet, Kit Kat wanted you to enjoy some Magic. Today, to achieve the same thing they’d like to remind you to not be mean and share your Kit Kat as this animation released through the Kit Kat Twitter account overnight shows.

The cute animation of an Android teasing his fellow Android with a finger of delicious Kit Kat is pretty cute and shows what can happen when you take your eye of the prize, timely advice for Google with their Nexus 5 leaking left, right and centre. So, start your day off right, scrounge up a Kit Kat – preferably in Android themed packaging – and have a break.

Source: Kit Kat Twitter.
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    Yianni soc

    Exactly Google… don’t be mean and share KitKat.
    Talk about a Tech-Tease…