Nexus 5 leaked Overclockers UK Forums

As stocks of the Nexus 5 allegedly arrive in warehouses around the world, we knew that it wouldn’t be long until one escaped into the wild.

In this disappointingly blurry image posted to Overclockers UK (and since removed), we see the front of the new Nexus with what’s likely a factory screen protector on the face with Nexus 5 printed on it alongside packaging which seems to match previous leaks and previous years’ Nexus phone packaging.

A Reddit user surmises that the original poster works for a large phone retailer in the UK, although we haven’t been able to confirm any such details. Notably, some UK retailers have a pretty good track record of spoiling Google’s Nexus phone launches.

If Google doesn’t release the Nexus 5 soon, we think the dam of unofficial photos will soon burst and we’ll be buying the device down at the pub from a shady character — or just picking up one that was left there.

Update: There’s been some more leaks of the Nexus 5 in the wild, these via Droid-Life which shows picture taken in an LG Service Centre in Malaysia – someone’s getting fired – which show the Nexus 5 :

Next, it appears that people have the Nexus 5 – well, obviously – and are sending it to Benchmarking sites to test its mettle against even it’s supposed brother/cousin the LG G2

Finally, it appears dummy retail units are heading to stores, with this one showing the mountain background that’s been leaked a couple of times already. Just FYI, if you like the background you can grab it from ex-Android team employee Romain Guy’s Flickr page

Update 2 (Jason): The original source image has been removed from the OC forum — the plot thickens.

Got any more leaks? Seen a unit in the wild? Take a pic and send it on through to us and share it with the world.

Are you looking forward to the Nexus 5? Do you think that Google are dragging this on a bit too much? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Overclockers UK.
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vijay alapati

i hope carriers will start selling from 5th in australia so i can pick one from the store….plz google…..i’m going to holidays on 7th and i need this….NO i’m not going with my nexus 4 camera


I would buy this phone so freaking hard right now.


I am worried that Aus will get it late. Nexus 4 is still available on the Play Store. Would of thought it would be discontinued by now.


Dragging it out is an understatement, just open up and take my money

Matthew Wolstenholme

Google please release it like 2 weeks ago!


Lets hope once they release it we don’t have to wait months to be able to buy it!


Or Google could release the phone like now and kill this guys 15 mins of fame. :3

Marné Prinsloo

Defs dragging it out.. gosh, we want to consume Google! Let us consume!