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With Android 4.4(Kit Kat) now officially announced, we all want to know when we can get it. Ed Heyl, who appears to be the new JBQ has announced that the Android 4.4 – Build KRT16M – is now being pushed to AOSP with Factory images and Binaries for the Nexus 5 due up on the Nexus Factory images page later today.

Today, Google took the wraps off the Nexus 5 and the Android 4.4 KitKat release. Now we’re happy to announce the matching open source release. You can read more about what’s new in Android 4.4 KitKat on our developer site.

We are in the process of making two new branches available:
kitkat-dev for kitkat open source contributions
kitkat-release the kitkat release build (KRT16M) for the Nexus 5–which will be tagged with android-4.4_r1.

We are making the proprietary binaries and factory images available for the Nexus 5 today as well.

In the coming weeks, other Nexus devices (Nexus 4, 7, and 10) will receive their KitKat update, and we’ll make those proprietary binaries and factory images available at that time.

We will reply to this thread later this evening (PST), when everything is ready.


Unfortunately the Galaxy Nexus seems to not be included, so maybe it’s time to head over to eBay or Re-Gadget and see what it’s worth. We’ll update as soon as the factory images appear.

Update: The Nexus 5 ‘Hammerhead’ Android 4.4 (KRT16M)Factory Image and Binaries are now available on the Factory Images page. The images are being picked apart now with APKs for a lot of new Apps surfacing around the net.

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    Andreas Koepke

    I just upgraded from my Galaxy Nexus to an Xperia Z. I never thought it would be so soon that my XZ might get a newer version of Android before the old Nexus.

    I guess without an official factory image they will not be releasing binaries either so making an unofficial release will be more difficult.

    I agree that it is poor form for Google to drop support for the device so soon.


    Disappointed to see that gnex dropped from support. One of 4.4 selling points is it works with low memory devices (aka 512mb). So why isn’t google releasing 4.4 for the gnex to show OEMs how its done? If Google doesn’t support its own older devices that are dual core with 1GB of RAM. Why should OEMs!? Bad google!!!


    But……but what was this speak of making 4.4 accessible to everyone?! :'(

    Well at least my Nexus 7 will get it……..

    Christopher Kostakis

    Which means we should get the new Hangouts app today, right?

    Damon Lewis

    It sucks that the Galaxy Nexus won’t get an update and Google’s reasoning is “It’s over 18 months old”. Lead from the front with updates and maybe others will follow (even following a little bit more will be better)!

    Darren Ferguson

    Isn’t it 2 years old already?

    Damon Lewis

    It is. They said “It’s 2 years old and thus out of the 18 month standard time for updates”


    But 4.4 works great with low memory devices. Why isn’t google sending a message to OEMs saying, Hey loook you can update your older devices and it runs well!