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While we’re still getting all the Android 4.4 and Nexus 5 news under control and assimilated, life in the Android world goes on, this time via @EVLeaks who has posted some information received via Tip on the upcoming Moto G, which is rumoured to be the new name for the phone formerly known as the Moto DVX, that we were told about earlier this year.

The specs, which include a Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro, seems to be a pretty good device and with reports that the Moto X runs extremely smoothly on the Dual-Core MSM8960Pro SoC this could be a real winner. The other specs indicate that the phone will run the same sized screen and resolution as the Moto X and appears to be available in similar style case.

The battery which is listed as ‘LG Made’ is a great choice given their excellent battery design technology. Whether this will be a sealed device with ‘Stepped’ battery technology as seen in the LG G2 is unknown but as the Moto X is a sealed device it would seem that they would continue this trend.

Pricing is indicated as ‘starts free on contract’ which would be aimed more at US based carriers, but we could actually see the Moto G here in Australia. We’ll be on the lookout as we now approach 13 Months with no new hardware announcements in Australia from Motorola.

Are you interested in the Moto G?

Source: EVLeaks.
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Very interested. I don’t want a 5 inch phone. Ideally it’d be iPhone 4 sized as that’s my sweet spot for a phone but I understand I’ll not get that with the other features I want.

More interested in the Experia Z1S though.

Although I’ll wait for the reviews to come in, just in case either phone is no good.

David Anderton

does moto being owned by google mean we will never see uSD cards in moto phones again 🙁 ?