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In the flurry of activity on Google Play this morning a couple of new accessories for the Nexus 7(2013) have made an appearance, nothing terribly exciting unless you’re in the market for a bright canary Yellow or Grey Nexus 7 sleeve.

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The cases are priced at $34.95 with a $15.95 shipping fee on top, making a grant total of $50.90 for a Neoprene case. Admittedly, the case is quite nice with a faux-fur interior and nicely fitting neoprene outer, but even if you’re interested in one of these cases you can’t actually order the new colours as yet, with Google Play advising that they are ‘Coming Soon’.

Have you purchased a case for your Nexus 7(2013) was it the official case?

Source: GooglePlay.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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Well… I made one, MacGyver style.

It looks like a hardcover book (which took me a while to find the right size at the local Salvo’s) but has an embedded magnet to activate the on/off feature, as well as fantastic protection for the tablet itself.

It works a treat, and is completely unique.

I did, however, jump on eBay this morning and order a $5.98 case for my new Nexus 5!