Nexus 5 - Black vs White

It was a massive day for Android and Google yesterday with the launch of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4. So, how did it pan out?

The Nexus 5 seems to have done quite well in terms of sales both here and internationally. But we’d like to know, did you purchase a Nexus 5? If so, which one? Fill in the poll below and let us know.

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Michael Kerr

Ordered a black 32GB amd it should arrive Wednesday


Got a Nexus 32GB White 6 am Friday. Received email from FedEx shipped 02/11/2013 and tracking delivery shows it 06/11/2013 Wednesday cant wait excited.

Ryan Saffer

got the white but didnt notice the white speaker on the front of the device! probably would prefer black now, but whats done is done. first world problems at its finest!


I got the 32GB White model and now its getting delivered Monday 🙂 excited


16gb black. Don’t need much storage on the device. I stream Google Music and watch movies and shows on my tablet.

Despite all the faff I went through yesterday I actually got a shipping email today, so hopefully it will arrive next week 🙂


32gb black but I’m so tempted to cancel my order and get the white! It looks so damn sexy. The only reason I didn’t get it is because I thought it would show scuffs and marks more than the black.


“32GB Black – We are out of stock. Please check back soon.

Google and LG took until January this year to replenish stock levels of the Nexus 4 on Google Play but we hope that this won’t be the case this year.”

NO , I want 32gb Black 🙁


Weird how Google now’s track package service doesn’t work with their email notifications


Might start working once there is more data to work with, how far along does your tracking number say it is? Google Now usually lets you know when its in the air or in the country


packages from amazon display immediately upon dispatch, but this doesn’t seem to come up. the phone is already half here but no action on google now front.


yeah mine hasn’t done anything either, and it’s on the truck. awkward


After the first set of customer reviews come in (and they are back in stock) I will consider getting one. My phones have about a 3 year life cycle so I want it to be good.


Then you will be disappointed with this. The battery is small and the device is big.


Wow, your speculative speculation has nothing to do with my comment. But Troll on my friend and you will find someone to upset.


16GB is fine for me. My Xperia Ray has the soft touch backing in black so I’m happy to try white.


…..And it just shipped! So much for Nov 8th.

vijay alapati

16 GB black, as per tracking it says it will be delivered by 6th 5pm. But my fight is @11pm hope i can get it before i leave

Kin Choi

all delivery will begin on the 5th as all stock will arrive on the 4th, its currently on transit atm


Very tempted to get one, but for the sake of my wallet, and also for the sake of being practical, I’m keeping hold of my Nexus 4 for another year. I love my Nexus 4, it’s still in perfect condition, works perfectly, and does everything I need it to do. I’ll be getting 4.4 KitKat on it anyway, I don’t need LTE/4G, and the other new features on the Nexus 5 (whilst cool) aren’t compelling enough for me to upgrade. So I’ll keep my $400+ for another year, and wait for the Nexus 6 to be released… LG have done… Read more »


I bought one 32gb black, and one 32gb white, at 6.48AM and received my shipping confirmation at 9:32PM.

I’ve been waiting for a 32gb Nexus phone for 3 years now to replace my *cough* iPhone 4 *cough*.

I can’t wait!!


Has anyone had their white ones ship yet?


Yes. White 32 gb. ordered around 5:15. Confirmation email last night for shipping.


32GB Black, Shipped 🙂
Can’t wait. Been waiting months for this to upgrade my now 3 year old SGS.