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If you’ve been hemming and hawwing about whether to purchase the Nexus 5 through Google Play or not, then the decision just got a whole lot harder with the Google Play store now listing all storage options and colours of the Nexus 5 as ‘We are out of stock. Please check back soon’, the Black versions of the Nexus 5 were out of stock as of yesterday morning, but now the White has also sold out.

While the Nexus 4 took mere hours to sell out last year, the Nexus 5 lasted two and a half days. It took Google almost three months to resupply the Nexus 4 after they were innundated with orders last year with the phone only returning to sale through Google Play in January this year.

An expected retail launch or carrier launch through Telstra is now about your only option to get your hands on the handset if Google take around the same amount of time to top up stock levels, but even that could be held off as it was last year when Harvey Norman sold out of their initial allocation of stock and took over a month to replenish their supplies.

In the meantime, the 16GB Nexus 4 is the only Nexus phone you can currently purchase through Google Play.

Did you try to order a Nexus 5 today?

Thanks: JL Picard Bakaouji.
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Mine seems to be stuck in clearance. I ordered on the 1st. Got shipped the same day and arrived in Alexandria on Saturday. All that time the delivery was set for the 4th. On Monday afternoon (14:29) the status changed to “Clearance delay – Import” and it has been ever since (Wednesday afternoon now). The delivery has been changed to N/A in the meantime. This sucks!


it’s sort of back in stock now. It says leaves warehouse in a few weeks, not ‘we are out of inventory’


14:49DeliveredSYDNEY AU



First impressions are:

slimmer, lighter
much much more comfortable to hold than the N4
blazingly quick & responsive

Will you post more once I’ve had a play…dont think anyone will be dissappointed!!

Alex Di Blasio

Stupid question but have you worked out how to voice activate google now? I’ve tried saying ‘OK Google’ but nothing happens, not sure if there is an option you need to activate first..?


Did you sign up for google now when you setup the phone? That’s all I did.

What happens if you swipe in from the left – do you see google now? Sign up if you havent already.

Fyi my google search bar at the top of the home screen is displaying “Say ‘Ok Google'”, so you’ll see this when you’ve got it working

Alex Di Blasio

Thanks for the reply. Turns out I had the phone language set to English (UK) and that is why it doesn’t work. Looks like you need it set to English (US).

Alex Di Blasio

Got it! 🙂


im going to beat u for teasing.
Mine should be delivered any time now
11:25 amOn FedEx vehicle for deliveryALEXANDRIA AU

archit jha

mine has been at the rydalmere depot since ~7am this morning and still nothing (I’m ~5km away) 😛

Chay MacTavish

Damn, this has been mine since this morning, hopefully it’s just not updated and is on the same truck…
10:47 At local FedEx facility ALEXANDRIA AU
10:28 International shipment release – Import ALEXANDRIA AU
10:28 In transit ALEXANDRIA AU Package available for clearance
09:47 In transit

Sean Kavanagh

Ordered at 6.01am and just delivered via Fedex a minute ago. The only sad part is it is for my wife and not me so I promised not to open it 🙂

Nick Tsiotinos

Just got the Note 3, (from the Nexus 4) and am finding it amazing. So far most of the “new” features of the N5, I find are already available on the Note 3.
– “Immersive” – Check.
– “Listening” Ok Google – Hi Galaxy. Check.
And in terms of hardware specs – they are very similar.
However I have become addicted to the use of the stylus – it integrates brilliantly.
So I do not see myself using any other phone without this functionality….


How’s Android 4.3 treating you? 😛

Nick Tsiotinos

4.3 is fine. Pretty stable and I’m using Nova launcher which is more like stock 4.3 than touchwiz. All the s-pen functionality works fine with Nova and allows me to customise far more than with touchwiz or stock 4.3.

James Z

in latest news a truckload of nexus 5 has been stolen in sydney (kidding) well a truckload of lg g2 did get stolen in usa last week which was quite suprising

Happy Dog

Had my mouse hovering over the checkout button for a while Friday morning. Decided not to as I just got a nexus 7 LTE and my One GS all running fine and my nexus 4 is still going great. But now part of me wishes I had blight it. I’m guessing my back account is happier 🙂


It’s “humming and hawing” (UK), not “hemming and hawing” which is the US idiom.


07:54On FedEx vehicle for delivery




Lucky you, it appears some who ordered later in the day Friday have theirs on the truck today whereas others who ordered early in the AM is still in HK or landed in Sydney this morning. Luck of the draw really.c


I got my order in 7am Friday (the advantage of having young children!)…delivery is to Sydney CBD, not sure if that makes a difference.

I’ll try and post a quick review once I get the device…


I ordered at 5:10AM friday morning and mine is saying it is still in Lantau island, hong kong. Delivery is due Wednesday. Definitely luck of the draw. Not complaining, I am happy just to get one. I figure the longer I wait for a snazzy new device the longer I will chuffed to have it and content. I am really sick of gadget lust, but I think I am addicted. Compared to the insanity of the last few months of N5 rumors, the wait for delivery is almost soothing.


10:16 International shipment release – Import

I wonder if they are still going to deliver it today (????)


13:45 On FedEx vehicle for delivery

archit jha

Mine should be delivered today hopefully!

Kin Choi

nope it will begin tomorrow as it should arrive today as its still in transit as of this morning


Really? then why does it say…

Estimated delivery :
Mon 11/04/2013 by 6:00 pm

Kin Choi

thats what they say when they don’t know what time it arrives, at the current point it is still on transit


This must be your first time? or you havent shopped overseas and used DHL or fedex. I often get overnight deliveries from Asia.
As of today
10:24 am In transit ALEXANDRIA AU
Package available for clearance

Kin Choi

my just got cleared now so it would arrive in the afternoon or more like tomorrow morning


“Arrive in the arrive”. hmm. Guess u were going for Arvo. If your in Syd expect it today. If not, tomorrow.

archit jha

its arrived at my local depot, ~5km away.. might make the afternoon run *fingers crossed*


Oh and ausdroid, are you planning to keep up to date on cases for the n5? Would be so great!!

Daniel Tyson

Sure are, we’re as keen as you for Accessories 🙂


Getting mine on Wednesday!
Anyone know the details of the tracking system? Seen some comments stating the hour…

vijay alapati

Mine too, once you tap on update notifications then you will see the time on your email from fed ex. Mine was est @5pm 🙁


I got my “shipped” email today. So happy. It’s due on Wednesday. God I hope the truck comes before I go to work.


Argh we need a restock now! Any words on price or release date at Harvey Normann, JB HIFI etc. ?

Daniel Tyson

We’re working on getting actual dates, November is all we’re hearing so far, no pricing for retail at the moment.


I’d say the demand for the N5 is probably as high as the N4. It seems that LG learnt from their mistake of underestimating it last time and had enough stock to last a respectable couple of days.The N4 launch was a catastrophe.

Harry Becher

Ordered my 16GB white N5 today because it was the only model available. In some places it says it’ll ship to me by this week, others in 2-3 weeks. I’m a bit confused.


Ordered mine yesterday (Saturday) when it said shipping in 2-3 weeks, got an email today saying it’s shipped and will get it on Wednesday!

Marné Prinsloo

i got the 32black on friday morning, also delivering wednesday 🙂 my birthday


Is say the decision just got easier not harder as the fact is you can’t get one decision made……..

Marné Prinsloo

Mine is arriving on my birthday Nov 6 🙂 Ordered at 8am on launch day.

vijay alapati

So you are having kit Kat on your birthday

Marné Prinsloo

I’ll make sure I have both the chocolate and the OS at the same time. Total immersive consumerism. 😛


Try not to eat the phone please.

Marné Prinsloo

My bad. I’ll have them in separate sections so I don’t confuse them 😛