Are you getting upset and teary eyed that people have the new Nexus 5 in their hands and you don’t? Were you particularly distraught to read that stock was exhausted?

Well, it’s time to dry those eyes, because Ausdroid reader Cam Shulz has pointed out that all models are now back in stock, but there are some delays for the more popular devices. At the time of writing, we’re seeing the following availability:

  • 16GB White: 4-5 weeks.
  • 16GB Black: 2-3 weeks.
  • 32GB White: 4-5 weeks.
  • 32GB Black: 4-5 weeks.

If you missed out the first time around, and are keen not to be the bridesmaid the second time, then you’d best head over to the Play Store Devices page and get in on the action before they sell out again. With history as our lesson, stock of Nexus devices can be highly unpredictable, and if they go out of stock in the next couple of days, it could be hours or weeks until they’re back in stock.

Some of our readers have already started receiving their Nexus 5s today, and first impressions from those who have are overwhelmingly positive. There’s many new features to play with, and the hardware itself is.. well.. silky smooth. Now.. I just have to wait for mine to turn up TOMORROW!

Image credit thanks to Jason Murray, who received his Nexus 5 before me.

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tom jee

I’m a huge fan,Can I buy this from local shop in AUS ? I cant wait 2-3 weeks 😐

Peter Massey

I doubt any retailers will have stock before they come back into stock on Google Play.

Kin Choi

carriers won’t get it (cannot put bloatware on it) so shops will not get it unless they can grey import it but then why bother where u can get it off the play store

vijay alapati

Just opened mine. Display is faulty. Called Google and getting new one 🙁


Same here. Just wondering how long it is going to take now to receive a new one. And the RMA process is just not really clear, especially how to return the faulty device. I called Google like 3 times and I was never able to get a clear answer when I asked how and when I will get the pre-paid UPS label in order to send it.

Andrew Palozzo

Got my white one today.. had to drive down to fedx to pick it up.. but worth it 🙂

David Anderton

DAMNIT! I wanna buy but I just wanna be sure I’m gonna get working USB OTG first!!!!!! Come on google give me a confirmation #$%@#$%@#$%


I read just before on xda that usb otg does work. Go and check out the forums there.

David Anderton

I have and it is a mixed bag and no official support


I’ve touched mine and turned it on, but I’m still on the train home from work…the wait is excruciating


Estimated delivery for mine is 6th, but since I received the shipment confirmation on Sunday the FedEx page hasn’t changed. It better come this week or I will be mad!


Mine says that too. But it’s been on initiated since. Called up to confirm: expect a delay. 🙁


Ah man. I’d really appreciate if it arrives before my exams, if I knew it was going to be delayed, I might as well went for the black one instead of the white one.


haha exams for me too. Got one everyday from Wed until Monday next week. I had the chance to order for the first batch but was too drained from exam prior. 🙁


I woke up at 6am Friday ready to order one but was so indecisive. Mainly because I’d just bought a Nexus 7 and already have a HTC One.

By the time I decided to go for it the black were out if stock. So I just went for 32gb white variant.

Happy Dog

Put my name down for one. No harm in seeing how things pan out over the next few weeks

Michael Kerr

I’ll have my Nexus 5 by Wednesday or Thursday. I want Google to release those bumper cases. That yellow one is mine


Looks like they really got their act together for this launch. Nice one Google.


I know, considering the disastrous launch of the Nexus 4 last year I am happy they are organised for this one.

Peter Massey

If anything they’ve been too conservative! I ordered a white because it said “Ship from 8th” whereas black said 3-4 weeks. People who ordered the black have had theirs shipped already and in Aus and mine is still in HK!

OK, so maybe I’m bitter about it …