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The disappointment at missing out on the Moto X for everyone outside the US could be about to be alleviated if a tweet sent out from the official Motorola Twitter account hinting at a worldwide launch is to be believed.

With a Save the Date 13th November tag, the tweet uses greetings from around the world, indicating that the phone could launch in Spain(Hola), Portugal(olá), Australia(G’day), England(Hallo), France/Canada(Bonjour), India(Namastē) and The Rest of the English Speaking world(Hello).

Previously known as the Moto DVX, the Moto G has seen two recent leaks, one from noted serial leaker @EVLeaks which claimed the phone would come with a 1.5GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC with a 4.7″ 720P Display and have a choice of 8GB or 16GB storage capacities, an 8MP Camera and an LG-made 1950mAh battery and be offered – possibly by US Carriers – as free on contract.

A newer leak, which came the very next day via a leaked brochure, confirmed some of those specs but offered some differences, notably the camera specs with the brochure advising an 8MP shooter as opposed to a 5MP and a slightly smaller screen size with a 4.5″ display rather than 4.7″ but still at 720P resolution, there’s also no mention on the brochure of a 16GB version, instead only listing an 8GB option.

The lack of LTE on the Moto G in both descriptions could be a hard sell in any of the markets listed with LTE beginning to take off in most parts of the world, but a good quality Motorola handset is sorely missed in most parts of the world, especially here in Australia where Motorola is coming up on their 14 month anniversary of launching their last handset locally.

The handset appears to be designed very much along the lines of the Moto X, if it contains the same always on listening features that have won owners of the Moto X over in the US, this phone could definitely be a winner. We’ve contacted Motorola Australia for any further information with regards to a launch here and we’ll let you know any further details as soon as they arise.

You can sign up for live online launch of the Moto G over on the Moto-G website.

Source: Motorola.
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here’s the phone i want:
1:the REAL touchless control from the MOTO X
2: the wrist flick, camera control from the MOTO X
3: the real world usability from the Z1 (i.e. water and dust proof) with a STRONGER screen (who hasn’t dropped their phone)
4: 1080p 5 inch screen
5: price of the NEXUS 5
6: LTE
7: microSD slot (i just want all my music on my phone, so sick of syncing)
too much to ask ?

Iain Simmons

I want to get my mum an Android phone before she settles for an iPhone again. She recently got the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for her first tablet, and I think something small but with a good battery life would suit her best for her next phone.

I’ve been hoping the Moto G would fit the bill, particularly if it’s cheap (she loves a bargain, and wouldn’t truly care about specs).

Joshua Hill

Nope still dissapointed. It’s basically a Moto X so why not just release that world wide now?


Too late. Bought Nexus 5

Sean Royce

Wise choice.