Nexus 5 iFixit
If the trips through the FCC weren’t enough for you already to gaze at a Nexus 5/LGD820/D821 stripped bare, then iFixit has just completed their teardown of the Nexus 5, but as well as showing off the internals of the device, they’ve added their thoughts on what’s important – repairability.

Overall, the Nexus 5 fared quite well scoring an 8 out of 10, beating the previous Nexus phone the Nexus 4 which received a 7 out of 10 when it received the same treatment last year.

While the overall tone of the teardown and thoughts on repairability were positive, there were some negatives, specifically the glass and LCD are fused to the display frame which would add to overall costs of repair. On the plus side, the team at iFixit focused on the very modularised design of the Nexus 5 which should aid in replacing individual components when or if required, there is also very minimal glue holding in the battery, which should make replacements an easy fix and to replace any of these components, iFixit note that standardised screw hold all the componentry in place.

An iFixit teardown is all part of the process for a new phone release, so if you’re at all in the position to need repairs on your new phone, then the iFixit team can probably help you out with some of the pieces and processes. Check out the video of the teardown :

Source: iFixit.
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Ausdroid Android app has big problem with Android Kitkat 4.4

Please update it ASAP


Does this mean it’s feasible to up size the battery? Or is inevitable that a bigger battery needs more room?