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A few days ago we reported on Vodafone offering a Christmas bonus of double data on their $30 Prepaid Cap. Well, they are back at it again with a new offer of double data for the life of the plan on one and two year contracts.

The fine print is that it is open to existing customers upgrading to a $60 or more plan, and new customers starting on a $60 or more plan. Month-to-Month SIM new or upgrading customers get the bonus data starting on the $45 plan, which now includes 3GB of data. This promotion lasts for the life of the plan, but is only available until 3 January 2014.

Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke says:

“We know our customers are using 61 percent more data than they did a year ago and that’s 50 percent more than the national average.  Our customers have a huge appetite for social media, photo sharing, watching videos and streaming music and we want to give them the freedom to do that.”

New Vodafone 60 – 100 Plan if new or upgraded before 3 January 2014:

Vodafone Plan 1

Month-to-Month SIM Plan if new or upgraded before 3 January 2014:

Vodafone Plan 2

What do you think of Vodafone’s new plans compared to their competitors? Good value? Let us know in the comments!

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Well that sucks for existing customers who signed up not too long ago. I “hope” this applys to recent customers or even all existing people on 1-2 year plans.


I’m a recent customer and my plan details now says “1.5 GB of mobile internet data or Unlimited BlackBerry Email Internet Browsing + 1.5 GB of data”, but my “data counter” still says 1536MB…..
So not sure that extra 1.5GB applies or not.


I have no idea if it applies, but when I walk into a store I sign up for what’s in front of me, not what might be. If there’s a price drop the next day or a new model released soon after sure it sucks but I don’t get huffy about it.

Welcome to the (not very new) world of a “limited time offer”.

Marné Prinsloo

I’m looking for a 4g carrier. With Amaysim at the moment, and happy with them, but no 4g… yet. Virgin mobile looks to have some good deals. Now Vodafone steps in. For the same as the $45 Voda plan, you’d have to pay $50 on Virgin…


For the same as those plans, you pay $18-20 on Vaya or Live Connected (Optus 4G, same as Virgin). Customer service is absolutely woeful though.

Marné Prinsloo

Checked them out. Same coverage. About the same money. Virgin is cheaper if you have it for up to 4 months. Vaya is cheaper after 4 months due to $20 signup fee. And yes, the lady i spoke to on the Vaya website chat said my area (Sunshine Coast, QLD) did not exist…


I figure Vaya is cheaper even in the first month?

Vaya: $20 SIM + $18 Power Plan + $7 Power Plus Data = $45 = $650 calls, 2.5GB data
Virgin: $50 = $700 calls, 2.5GB data.

Vaya $650 calls is actually better value than Virgin $700 because call rate/flagfall is 90c/35c vs 98c/40c.

In every month after that Vaya is only $25.

Marné Prinsloo

Sorry I was looking at the 3gb data from virgin for $50

Satwik Kamatmehbro

what about those who recently signed a contract on one of these plans? Does this apply to them also or are we stuck on the original amount?