It’s time for the latest update to Google Glass to rollout to Glass Explorers. While the product moves closer and closer to a retail release, the updates for the software increase the usefulness of the product on a monthly basis. So, what’s new this month?

The update brings about some more Google Services functionality, specifically this month with your calendar. The XE11 update allows Glass Explorers to use commands to search for upcoming items in their agenda by using voice commands, simply say ‘Ok Glass, Google’ and then a following term such as ‘my agenda’ or ‘what am I doing in November?’ This will the show up items coming up :

There are also additions to the directions that Glass can give. When you setup Places in Google Now – Home and Work – Glass can now direct you there with the commands ‘Ok glass, get directions to home’ or ‘get directions to work’. Because you’ve pre-defined those locations Glass can then bring the directions up on screen and you’re away.

This functionality should also be expanded, Google should really add options for other regularly travelled locations such as: Gym, Child Care Centre and perhaps even custom options.

That’s it for the XE11, update. We are still waiting for any indication that Glass will be expanding to other countries, and you just know we’ll be head of the queue if possible to get a set, when they do.

What features should Google add to Glass next?

Source: Google Glass.
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    Happy Dog

    Looking forward to the release!