Google Glass explorers are highly sought after if you weren’t quick (or rich) enough to get your hands on them at launch. With only a small number of units being released with some pretty stringent rules about the use and particularly the sale of explorer units: The terms of sale on explorer units were very specific in stating If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device

Desperate geeks can relax a little now that Google have relaxed that standpoint on deactivating the devices if they change owners. Sited on the recently updated Google Glass FAQ page is a direct quote stating that while it’s not preferred, Google are not planning to deactivate devices. NB they state don’t plan on, not they will not!

Q. Is it OK for Explorers to try and sell their devices online? Will you disable the devices if they do this?
A: The Explorer program is about taking Glass out in the world and seeing what’s possible with the technology. We hope our Explorers are excited to do just that. While it’s against our terms of service to sell your device, we don’t plan on disabling any Explorer’s device.

So if you know someone that has a pair of Glass Explorers who doesn’t seem to be making the best of them, get in their ear and make them an offer; you might just get lucky!

Would you consider buying Glass explorers from someone who no longer wants or requires them, or are you waiting for the full public release of the technology?

Source: Google Glass FAQ.
Via: Android Police.