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The Nexus 7: The Perfect Shot video launched last month by Google was a great video in the vein of the Fear Less video that launched with the Nexus 7 back in August, and now Google has released an extended version which clocks in at just over a minute long.

The video features the same young boy, learning how to be a better batsmen, using various forms of media from Google Play and YouTube – consumed on his Nexus 7(2013) – to learn how to best improve his batting. The Ad is again pretty good, check it out :

But it’s not just Australia seeing new adverts for the popular tablet, with the US advertising branch of Google launching two new commercials on their YouTube channel. Titled ‘Center Stage’ and ‘In Play’ the two new commercials don’t give us any closure on what happened to Boomer, instead showing off the content you can consume on the tablet, from the Classics like Romeo and Juliet from Google Play Books through to games available from Google Play, see what you think :

Google Nexus 7: In Play

Google Nexus 7: Center Stage

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