When Sony and NTT DoCoMo announced the Sony Xperia Z1 f for the Japanese market last month there was an immediate outcry for the phone to be launched internationally, and a small slip-up by Sony showing a model of phone called the Z1s on their website could be the pre-cursor to just that.

The prospect of a ‘Mini’ version of a flagship phone that finally didn’t compromise anything – well, maybe the screen – had many Android fans who long for a smaller screened flagship device very much excited. The Z1 f matched the current Sony flagship the Z1 spec for spec, with only the 4.3¨ screen showing any sign of being compromised on and that, only due to the lack of a 1080P LCD Panel in a 4.3¨ form factor.

The Z1s is rumoured to launch today(November 12th) in Shanghai, but could possibly launch internationally with similar specs to the Z1 and Z1 f – 4.3″ 720p display as well as the 20.7MP 1/2.3″ camera and Snapdragon 800 SoC. Along with the other phones in Sony’s lineup the Z1s is also rumoured to have an IP58 rating, making it water and dust resistant.

We’ll soon see what happens if the rumoured launch date is correct and once any announcements are made we will be contacting Sony Australia for any details on availability in Australia.

Source: Sony.
Via: Unwired View.
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Do want so much. And if anything, from video I saw of the Z1 compared to the Z1 f, the latter’s (smaller, lower-resolution, obviously) screen was significantly better than the Z1, which was pretty terrible on a number of fronts, like viewing angles – I couldn’t bring myself to buy one having viewed that screen in-store, since any deviation from 90′ viewing resulted in horrible loss of contrast and colour.

I’m really hoping the screen on the Z1s matches that from the Z1 f.


Getting it as soon as it’s out!