The reasons for using Google+ just keep growing, Google themselves are throwing a monstrous amount of effort into a feature list for the platform that just keeps on growing and today they’ve announced that there’s more coming.

Social Networking Android Developer at Google, Virgil Dobjanschi has announced the update on his Google+ page which lists all the goodies that will be rolling out in version 4.2.3 of the App :

  • Opening “Locations” will automatically refresh your friends’ locations on the map.
  • Photos now supports Android Beam, so you can share photos via NFC.
  • Photos also supports Daydream, so you can view your pics in screensaver mode when charging or docking your device.
  • Individual photo details are now available in the drop-down menu.

The rollout should occur naturally over the next couple of days/week but if you’re really keen to get your hands on the update you can sideload the APK which Android Police are hosting on their site, the APK is an updated one which has fixed an issue with connectivity when first released.

Source: Virgil Dobjanschi Google+.
Via: Android Police.
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The biggest reason for not using Google+ remains the fact that almost no one I know uses it. Everyone is still on Facebook and/or Twitter. Whether Google+ is better or not is irrelevant, it’s all about connections to people, and if they aren’t there, there’s not point. That and the last time I looked the mobile app was horrible.


And Google knows that. Clearly they’re using carrots (e.g. awesome photosharing) and sticks (you can only make YouTube comments via Google Plus) to inveigle people on to Google Plus. And suddenly all your friends will be there – not for the social networking, but if you’re all there any how…


Hopefully SMS/Hangout integration will help people notice Google+