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The Android Google+ account has just advised that some updates are being added to Google Now, which should begin rolling out immediately – although there are no notifications for an update in Google Play as yet.

The update consists of three new cards that have been added –

  • Website update card can bring you things like the latest post so you’ll never miss a story.
  • News topic card brings you fresh articles from the web on topics you care about.
  • What to watch card gives you Movie and TV recommendations when you’re staying in.

There are a couple of minor updates to the functionality of existing cards as well. The Commute cards should also now include the ability to see traffic incidents from Waze to warn you of interruptions to your trips.

There will also be – and this could possibly be the exciting bit – scores for Rugby teams in the Sports results cards. There has been no specifics stated on which Rugby Teams will be included and whether this will only be for UK based teams but if it includes the Super 14s, this could be a real winner for Australian Rugby Union fans.

The App should update automatically so wait for the notification to hit soon and if you do get it, let us know which Rugby teams you can find – Go Brumbies!

Update: I had issues with Google Now and cleared data, after a while I actually got an update. The APK has restored Google Now – Phew! – and also given me access to the new cards, which includes Rugby Union results – Brumbies, Warratahs etc – but it also includes NRL results :

Google Now - Rugby League
I searched for AFL teams as well as Australian Soccer(I know, I know: Football) Teams but was disappointed to see none were available. Still, NRL is a good start.

The updated APK is now up and you can grab it from one of these two mirrors :
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Source: Android Google+.
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Hi All,

As many of you have already mentioned, it’s disappointing that there is no AFL Google Now cards available.

The AFL mentioned in a tweet just over 2 years ago that they were in discussions with Google but made no promises.

I have created a Page on Facebook to help show the need for Google Now AFL cards.

Please feel free to like it to help show the AFL how much demand there is for this.

Cheers – Scott


But its cricket season… and this would work so well for cricket.

Benjamen Meiers

I have the Cricket Dashclock extension. Works pretty well.

It would be good if they rolled this out to cricket but at least it will work for Rugby next year.

Mitchell Smith

One of the biggest sports in the world and they still haven’t added it. Unbelievable. League would have been good earlier in the year, adding it now, while good for later, is just kind of annoying.

Mike Stevens

Hahah, all this and still no AFL. Terrific.


Well first they should get their existing cards right. The package tracking card for my nexus 5 never appeared. What’s the point of new ones if the old ones don’t work ?


Which is strange since gmail was aware of the package tracking… It had the ‘track package’ option. But no Now card..

Daniel Tyson

Works fine with packages shipped from Google Play in the US to a Shipping forwarder and also from BH Photo Video but not for Australian stuff.


Ok thanks that makes Google sense. I can remember getting cards for stuff sent via ComGateway 🙂


I got a card when I bought a Nexus 4 from the Play store for my mum just a couple of months ago.

Hugh McFarlane

I’m interested to know if National teams, like the Wallabies, are in there.

Daniel Tyson

No Options in there for Wallabies – Springboks – All Blacks or Australia – South Africa – New Zealand.

Jeffrey Atack

Searched for the Waratah’s and it came up… Brumbies? Who cares!

Daniel Tyson

!!!! WHY!! lol nice one 🙂


I still have no idea how to use Google Now. Stuff just pops up automatically. Am I supposed to be able to cusomise it? How does it know what Rugby teams I want scores for or what TV shows I like?

Daniel Tyson

If you go into the settings(the three dots at the bottom of Google Now) you can specify sports teams, you can also choose from a selection of Cards – I generally have my Commutes show up, Photo Spots, Weather, Stocks(GOOG and APPL for reference) and a couple more like recently searched cards.


This functionality seems to have been stripped back on the Nexus 5. Or at least for me 🙁


If you scroll to the bottom and click the magic wand the customisation options appear.

Adam Sacco

It learns from your web searches etc. For example if it learns that you tend to google Arsenal scores, it’ll start showing Arsenal info in Google now.


Yeah that’s the point. It’s meant to give you information you need without you actually asking for it. Eg. Do a google search on PC and it will give you a Now card asking if you want to keep researching. Search s place in Google maps and it will give you travel time on Now..