Just earlier today, Telstra confirmed that it would be carrying the latest Nexus handset, the Google Nexus 5, on a variety of its plans.

This afternoon, we’ve received official confirmation from LG that the Nexus 5 will also be available via retail partners for in-store purchase. The news is not all good, however. The retail pricing has been confirmed as $699, and only the 16GB model will be available; the 32GB model, it seems, is destined to remain an online-only purchase option.

Both the black and white colours will be available, however, and at this stage it looks like you’ll be able to pick one up in Harvey Norman, though other retailers are likely to be announced soon.

We’re a little disappointed about the significantly higher price for retail availability, given that you can purchase the 16GB Nexus 5 online for $399, a $300 impost for purchasing the same handset in-store seems a little high.

What are your thoughts? Let us know whether you’ll be lining up at a local Harvey Norman to pay almost double the price for your Nexus 5, or whether you’d rather wait the online delivery time (currently two to three weeks for both the Nexus 5 16GB and Nexus 5 32GB) instead.

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Michael Petkov

Main benefit with retailers selling the N5 is the accessories could/should be more affordable than the play store, but when buying the actual phone I bought it from the Play Store at the $50 up price than the US.


Good luck to the retailers. Now you know why retail in Au is doing so badly. When you know people can get it for $399 and you charge $699 your either stupid or uninformed.

Nikhil Sreekumar

is it available at harvey norman now??

Stephen Crisafulli

Maybe they want to make money this time. Last year they had to be selling the N4 at there (harvey norman) cost and didn’t stock a single accessory like a case or dock that they could put 500% markup on. They must have done it purely for the marketing now this year you might have to pay.


When Harvey Norman got the Nexus 4 they also retailed for $699. They sold them with no margin for awhile, then the cost to them dropped then the price plummeted to the same as Google+postage.

LG seems to be the one gouging with the Nexus.

remember You don’t have to buy from HN! They are not forcing you.

BTW great phone 🙂

Hugo Brown

WTF why would you pay that much and can get it on google for over half the retail price… Someone is eating too much Kit Kat or it’s laced with something Sheesh no wonder Australian’s turn to online instead of actual teleco stores…


Insanity isn’t it! Frustrating though that I’ve got to wait till mid December for my 32Gb to arrive from Google when they’ll be sitting in Telstra stores before the end of the month.

Hugo Brown

Really wow one of guys in office ordered when they first released an he got his 3days later. Im looking at getting it lol but only had my htc one since may huhu

Greg Irvin

The only good thing about this is that with retail presence in Australia, local shops will start carrying accessories for the N5 like cases and screen protectors.


Good point!

Avon Perera

That’s a brilliant point! JB should stock accessories for it then since it’ll be on Telstra. You sir have made my day


must be the dearst nexus yet !! still only a mobile !


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