We’ve mentioned Aussie developer Andrew Dittmer before – anyone who listens to the Ausdroid Podcast will know that Dan is quite fond of his retro LCD game Plunder Bros. Last month, Andrew released his new kids storybook app Me in a Storybook: Farm.

Me in a Storybook allows you to take a photo of your kids on your device’s camera as they make various faces and poses. Your kids can then see themselves in the book and they can become the hero of the story. Dan tells us his son enjoyed the experience rather a lot.

With the concept proven and the initial Farm story available on iOS and Android devices, Andrew has turned to Kickstarter – and its new support for Australian projects – to fund the next story, 3 Little Pigs. He’s seeking crowdfunding support of just $1,800 to build the app, with the bulk of funds going towards artwork, music and narration.

Andrew intends to have the app finished in March 2014 for iOS and Android. If you’d like to support him, head over to the Me In a Storybook Kickstarter page to read more and get involved!

Like all these projects, we are here to inform not advocate backing the project. All projects on Kickstarter have no guarantee that they’ll end up being produced even if their goal is reached, so please ensure you are aware of all the terms and conditions before you back a project.

Source: Me in a Storybook Kickstarter.