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LG Flex

The Lg G Flex has been garnering a lot of attention due to its unusual curved screen, though there are a lot more innovations under the skin – or perhaps we should say on the skin. We’ve seen a wire brush  attempt to scratch the G Flex, and scratch it does, but the phone miraculously heals itself before our eyes. We’ve seen it forced flat and then pop straight back to its curved form.

Now we have Marques Brownlee pushing the G Flex to its limit, scratching the back not only with keys – from which it eventually self heals – but taking to the unfortunate G Flex with a sharp knife. He then abuses it further by simulating a back pocket sit-down a number of times.

LG G Flex Marques Brownlee

Here’s the full torture test video:

If you’re interested in an LG G Flex, Mobicity has it for pre-order at $1199.95.

What do you think? Would you like self-healing flexible phones? Let us know in the comments!

Source: MKBHDYouTube.
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After my new Sony Xperia Z Ultra’s screen cracked in my pocket…I would have to say that extra phone durability can only be a good thing…


the self healing is good but until phones are almost as robust as an otterbox case renders an unprotected phone I will still be using cases as primary protection


sounds awesome! i think it really could be the future… not sure how the cpu etc inside like the bending but that bending test sort of alleviates many of my concerns about a curved phone… self healing is great- many screen protectors (the soft ones put on using water and soap are self healing to some degree as well..