The Amazon Appstore finally became available to Australian customers earlier this year, and now Amazon is continuing its push into the Australian market.

After launching a local Kindle Store alongside their newest Kindle Fire devices earlier this month, Amazon has now launched an Australian version of its Appstore.

The Australian Appstore is much the same as the longstanding US version – there’s a standard array of categories, a “premium” app offered for free every day (a different app to those offered in the US store, too), and a web storefront for browsing. Prices – as you’d expect – are now in Australian dollars.

To buy any of the apps (or install the freebies), you’ll need the Appstore installed on your device. The installation process remains the same as the original US store – you’ll need to download the APK file that runs the store and install it yourself, but Amazon has detailed instructions to help you with this.

If you previously used a few tricks (like US credit cards or a US delivery/billing address) to get access to the US Appstore or Kindle store, you might find your account is tied to the US store and you won’t be able to see Australian content. Amazon’s customer service team advised that this can be changed by going to their “Manage Your Kindle” page and changing your country settings. Any previously-purchased content will remain, but pre-orders and subscriptions will be cancelled with a pro rata refund for undelivered issues.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon’s customer service team got an answer to us regarding the above issue within about 20 minutes of our query — kudos, guys.

Are you going to use the Amazon Appstore? Have you had any issues switching territories? Let us know in the comments!