Although it’s only officially available in the US, many people around the world (plenty of us Ausdroid people included) have found ways to get one of Google’s Chromecast devices internationally, though it hasn’t been without its problems. Having to wait days for shipping, having to pay a markup to get a product that’s only a shade over $30 in the US… let’s just say it hasn’t all been fun.

However, it looks as if Google is gearing up to launch the Chromecast officially in more markets. Google has listed a number of jobs across London, Paris and Hamburg working for the team that is developing “new designs, experiences, and technologies” to showcase the best of Google and Google-branded hardware –including Chromecast.

In the strongest sign yet, Google is also seeking a product manager for Chromecast (International) based in Mountain View, CA. Google advises that it is “looking for a product manager who is passionate about launching consumer products in international markets” in the job advertisement for the position.

To keep an eye on the manufacturing and sales angles, Google is also seeking a technical account manager to be based in South Korea and a quality engineer for Shanghai, China.

It certainly looks like Chromecast will soon be spreading its wings and officially landing elsewhere, and we can’t wait.

Source: Digital TV Europe.
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Michael Petkov

Likewise when Amazon had their shipping “error” I jumped on it ASAP, got express shipping, tracking, all up $70 to Perth WA. We love it, use it all the time to enjoy the bittern experience of YouTube, play music, Pandora, and play movies. Also stream the laptop chrome browser to watch personal videos stored locally. Also when sharing with more than one person easy to view on the big screen, really can’t wait for it to be released locally so w can purchase 2 more for the other TV’s in the house.


I bought one of these through ebay for $60 and it’s brilliant. Everyone I’ve showed it to (my non-techie friends) have all asked how much they are and where can they get one… hopefully soon I can tell them the Play Store.


I managed to get one when Amazon had their international shipping “glitch” that allowed people to order from outside the US. It cost me just under AU$50 so I was very happy – it was worth the price just to get Google Play Music, YouTube, Google Play Movies and Chrome tabs on my TV. Any additional features will just be welcome bonuses.

Alexei Watson

Same for me; love it. I also get friends saying they will buy one. People lvoe the fact there’s no software install needed, the button just appears on their own devices.

However I was utterly let down with Google Play movies. I rented a HD movie, and it buffered and stalled all the way through.. there is no means to buffer ahead or adjust your quality. ~15Mbps connection.


Really? I watched a movie in HD and had no troubles with a connection speed pretty much exactly the same as yours. That said, a way to buffer or adjust quality really should be included.

Alexei Watson

Yep, it was basically unwatchable, coupled with the fact that it costs more than a physical blu-ray rental. I can justify that with the convenience of not leaving home, but the stuttering and pausing is a deal breaker. I can stream youtube HD no problem at all, so I guess it has a lot to do with the video file itself.


I may be asking the obvious but did you try rebooting your modem/router? You know how temperamental they can be…