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Nexus 5 Quick Window
The Nexus 5 Quick Window Case is now being shown as available for purchase in Google Play in Australia.

The case which went up at the same time as the Nexus 5 went on-sale at the start of November offers ‘Full body protection for your Nexus 5’ for the ‘low’ price of $54.95 in Black or White to match(or clash) with the colour of your Nexus 5. There are two options for shipping – Saver (6-8 Business Days) for $4.50 or International Priority (2-7 Business Days) for $15.95.


The LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 features a custom-fit unibody case and matte finish front cover for stylish protection from dents and scratches. Get access to your basic UI without swipe unlock by simply opening the front cover. For quick convenience without the bulk, the LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 works seamlessly with Nexus Wireless Chargers so that you can charge with ease. Available in both Black and White.

The Quick Window Case which is being described as an LG Quick Window Case, differs from the LG Quick Window Case for the LG G2 in that it lacks a ‘Window’ which can be used to interact with the G2 without opening the case. The window on the G2 case, allows for the camera to be used when the cover is turned right around but the Nexus version will not have this feature. But still, it’s the ‘official’ case and we don’t have any other accessories really available IN Australia at this stage.

Nexus 5 Bumper Case

Bumper cases

The cheaper Nexus 5 Bumper Case, which went up on Google Play at the same time as the Quick Window Case, retains the ‘Coming Soon’ tag on its availability. But is being shown as available in the U.S. It will cost AU$39.95 when it finally becomes available for purchase in a choice of Black, White, Grey, Red or Yellow and should have the same shipping options as the Quick Window Case.

Update:It does appear that the Grey Bumper Case is now available to purchase on the Australian Play Store.

Nexus Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

Also made available today is the Nexus Wireless Charger, the Qi compatible charger is being sold for US$50 but like the Nexus Wireless Orb before it, it’s only available in the US at this stage, not even showing up on the Devices section of the Australian Google Play Store. We’re following up with Google on whether they intend to bring the wireless charger to Australia and will advise as soon as we have an answer.

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    James Norman

    Still waiting… :-/


    Does anyone know the exact release date for Australia ? Can’t wait for this 🙁 Oh and if anyone is procrastinating between cases for their Nexus 5 buy from “Spigen”, I have the Slim Armour Black and its amazing for $30.00 AUS. Build quality also protects the phone very well, NFC still works flawlessly, customer service will send you a brand new one out if anything is faulty with your purchase. Highly reccommended thier cases for Nexus 5!!


    Any news on when the wireless charger will be released within Australia?? I know that it is up for pre-order through Amazon, but it will then come with that lovely Nexus AC socket that does not have the right pins for AU. Any word of when we can buy it for the aussie market?


    The Nexus charger connects via microUSB, so if you have a spare Australian wall socket plug with USB out and enough rated mA (the N5 probably came with one?), you should be able to use that.


    I know! WANT ONE SO BADLY!!! 🙁


    Other bumper colours now available too!

    Alexei Watson

    Interesting that its not often talked about, the quick cover case has a magnet for waking/sleeping the device as you open and close it. Looking forward to some good 3rd party cases with this feature.


    I bought a Spigen Neo Hybrid case from eBay for $40. I haven’t got my hands on it yet, but from what I’ve seen/read, it’s supposed to be great.


    Let us know how it goes – I’ve been looking at it too, but put-off by high price – and non-buy-it-now when bought from Spigen direct on eBay.


    The case is awesome…..got one when n5 came out and am extremely happy.


    Yeah I ordered the grey bumper last night.
    Picked up a nexus 7 sleeve at the same time to make the postage worth it!


    Anyone know why there’s a cutout for the top-speaker? Wouldn’t a cutout for the notification LED make more sense?


    This cover is referred to throughout the article as the Quick Window Case even though it’s not, well, a quick window case. Firstly, because it’s not called that – it’s the LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 – and secondly because it doesn’t have a quick window!

    Aaron De Vries

    The grey bumper is actually in stock (at least for me)


    Yep, just ordered one!


    how are these prices justified when a bumper case for the Nexus 5 start at $1.85 with free shipping on fleebay… Noted that the shipping could take 6weeks…

    Damon Lewis

    That’s a pretty steep price.

    James Pettigrove

    I’m interested if they will sell the accessories in retail as well (much like the Nexus 7 cases at places like JB HiFi, EBGames etc…)