Vodafone Fasterest Challenge

Vodafone is confident that it has the fastest 4G network in Australia. So confident that they are challenging you to take a speed test against their “Lightning Fast Man”. The terms are that you take on Lightning Fast Man – who will be using Vodafone 4G presumably – and at the end of your challenge you’re entered into a draw to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB or a Samsung Note 3 32GB. There will be a draw every hour on the hour and a bonus draw at the end of the event. The events last from 7 to 12 hours – so your chance of going toe to toe with Lightning Fast Man looks very good.

This seems like a generous promotion from Vodafone, as the terms don’t state that you have to beat Lightning Fast Man, you just have to try for you to be eligible for a prize. From the video Vodafone is using Ookla Speedtest with a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cat4 LTE. Most of the results in the video are around 50 Mbps – not bad for the Sydney CBD during the day.

If you’d like a very good chance to win a Galaxy S4 or Note 3, here are the event times in Sydney:

Vodafone Fasterest Challenge 2

If you live in Melbourne, there is only one more event at Queensbridge Square on Sunday 8 December from 10am to 7pm. More information on Vodafone’s Fasterest Challenge is on their website. An amusing video featuring Lighning Fast Man challenging Sydneysiders is here.

Do have Vodafone 4G? What do you think of it? Have you won a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3 through this challenge? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Vodafone.
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no Perth, WA? =( T_T


I got 96mbits in hoddle street with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and 144mbits on my note 3 with Vodafone in Richmond Church Street. Great speeds and more reliable network. I average out 70-130mbits in most parts of Melbourne areas i travel through.


Optus in Sydney CBD at 11am resulted in test of 55mbits on a RAZR M….

Happy Dog

Can we switch off their booster that’s probs near by?


Do the rules state how many reception drops are allowed?


Maybe you could add Syd/Mel or something to the title so the rest of the country don’t need to waste our time reading it?


My vodafone prepaid 4G using galaxy Note 3 speed at westryde sydney was 47mb/s while my optus 4G mobile broadband was 6mb/s. True vodafone is very fast.